Gone are the eras when the night is only made for sleeping and a lot of people will not be seen on the streets during the wee hours of dawn. Indeed, we have constantly changed from the food we eat to the machines we created to our ways of learning up to our lifestyle, and many more.

A few years ago, we started making a number of convenient stores, cafes, and fast food chains available for 24 hours in different places all over the world. This change has been so accommodating and considerate of people working at night or to those who are awake during those times and felt the need to buy something. In the Philippines, call center workers (who are currently playing a pretty big part in our economy) especially find this development very helpful. And ever since then, more and more establishments followed through, creating a lot of businesses and services available no matter what time it is, including spas.


Misconceptions About 24-Hour Spas in Manila, Philippines


I still remember a time when going to a 24-hour spa, visiting a spa late at night, or even just working at a spa on a night shift seemed to be taboo and was something to be ashamed of. It was believed that the services offered during late hours could be “something else” aside from the usual massages. Gladly, Filipinos started opening their minds to modernization and changes that this misconception is currently being forgotten. Changing our mindset about these things allows us to give due respect to night shift workers and customers at the same time.


So, How Do 24-Hour Spas Differ from Day or Night Spas?


Well, the most obvious answer is the operation hours, right? Some day spas start their operation early in the morning (between 5 to 9 am) and close late in the afternoon while some start before, during, or after lunch up to 1 am or later in the morning. Night spas, on the other hand, may open anytime between 6 to 8 pm onwards and are closed during the day. There’s really not much of a difference between the three, however, the services and amenities still vary depending on the quality of each spa regardless if they are a day, night, or a 24-hour one.


What Do These 24-Hour Spas Have to Offer?


As mentioned earlier, what a spa has to offer greatly depends on its quality and most of the time, as well as its prices. Here are some of the facilities and services that can be seen and are offered in a 24-hour spa:

  1. Rooms to stay at. Some spas that offer 24 hours of services also provide rooms to stay and sleep at. Some are even well-known hotels and could be really pricey. Booking on these types of spas usually comes in packages (services + accommodation) and must be done a few weeks earlier to reserve the rooms on your desired date.
  2. A buffet is a common service for spas that offer accommodation (like what has been discussed on #1. Some buffets are not available around the clock, allowing customers to have the option to either pay for a much lesser price for its massage and other services alone or schedule their services once the buffet is already available and enjoy both. Other 24-hour spas that do not offer a place to stay in very rarely offer this.
  3. Swimming pool and Jacuzzi. These facilities can only complete your relaxation and de-stressing. If the massage you have been provided with did not seem enough, either of these two may be able to satisfy you. A jacuzzi has a high-pressure hydro massage tub with warm water which is directed to the specific parts of our body – it’s quite luxurious and is often found in fancy hotels. Swimming pools, on the other hand, are often offered in hotels and is also one way to enjoy your stay. Some hotels also have hydro-massage pools.
  4. Fitness centers or Gym. Though a number of day (and night) spas also offer this facility, a gym cannot be fully maximized if you’re only staying on a day/night spa for a few hours. Most people who visit those spas are usually after the massage services only and would not have much time to experience fitness centers unlike in 24-hour spas.
  5. Laundry and Dry-Clean Services. This one is almost a 24-hour spa exclusive. It wouldn’t make sense to have these services on other spas as customers wouldn’t really need it in a few hours of stay.
  6. Car rental and Taxi Services. These services are usually not free and may need to be paid ahead of time. A number of day spa also offers these though it is very rare for their customers to ask for such.


Other services and facilities that are available here are quite common and can also be observed even in any other ordinary spa such as unlimited Wi-Fi access, free parking & valet services, facilities for the physically-challenged, complimentary teas, hot showers, and many more.


How About in Terms of Massage Services?


Some of the most common massage types include:


  • Shiatsu
  • Thai
  • Swedish
  • Foot Massage
  • Neck Massage
  • Signature Massage


These massages can be availed in almost any spa in the country. If you are wondering about the quality of a 24-hours spa’s massage, that may not be very easy to do since our satisfaction varies from person to person.




24-hour spas may have more facilities and services compared to that of a day or night spa, however, a spa does not only satisfy its customers by those things. Some customers are still after the massage and in case you’re one of those, there are spas that you can visit without having to pay for other services aside from your chosen massage. Such is Breeze Oriental Spa and Massage which is a day spa located in BGC Taguig and one of the most highly recommended spas around the Metro. If you are looking for a great massage experience, this spa can accommodate you from 11:30 am until 1:30 am so don’t forget to give it a visit one of these days.