I’m not sure about you but I do crave for a body massage after having a long day. We are all aware that a massage can be a treatment for stress, discomfort, and pain, aren’t we? However, one person’s need for a massage treatment varies greatly on his or her lifestyle, the purpose of getting one, and their current body condition. Ideally, for someone who doesn’t really need treatment, but nevertheless wants to maintain overall body wellness, a massage once or twice a month is the recommended regularity.

If once or twice a month is the suggested regularity for healthy people, how often should an athlete, or people who suffer from stress and chronic conditions receive a massage treatment?

Almost every person I know goes through stressful situations every day. The traffic, inconsiderate boss and workmates, undesirable workload, family problems, etc. are just a few of the things that cause stress. People who experience these not only deserve a massage treatment for pleasure but actually needs it once or twice a week to help combat anxiety and other negative effects of stress.

Continuous conditions such as migraine, neck aches, and backaches, can also be relieved by a regular massage. It is mainly suggested to receive a massage twice per week at first, then slowly increase the time in between sessions once the condition gets better.

If a regular massage can do wonders to an ordinary person’s body, what more can it do to an athlete’s? Well, athletic performance can be improved by massage treatments for sure – it is a great support to sustain muscle health and flexibility which are really vital for athletes. A massage maximizes our body’s potential to be physically fit. Somebody who is massively involved in sports ought to have a massage about 2-3 times every week during training season and about once or twice a month for maintenance during the off-season.

More than the “feeling” of being better after each session, there are actually scientifically proven benefits a regular massage therapy provides. Amongst these benefits are:

  • Massage Decreases Blood Pressure, Promotes Heart Health, and Boosts the Immune System

    This is probably one of the most popular benefits of massage therapy. Massage decreases blood pressure and heart rate by raising oxygen consumption which may reduce the activation of a pathway related to blood pressure. The change in blood pressure, however, deviates depending on the type of massage being applied to a person. For example, “Trigger point therapy” creates a pain response which increases heart rate and blood pressure while a Swedish massage lowers blood pressure by repressing the stress response through the stimulation of the vagus nerve. A massage can help regulate blood pressure no matter if it’s low or high. Weekly massage treatments also boost the immune system by increasing white blood cell and immune cell levels in the body. In fact, a single session of Swedish massage can increase white blood cell count and decrease cortisol levels.

  • Scalp Massage Helps Boost Hair Growth

    Decreased hair growth is something not only old people experience, even people in their 20s can already encounter this dilemma. Good thing is that a regular scalp massage can actually help in boosting hair growth. Yes, it’s not a myth anymore – in a study published in 2016, the effect of scalp massage on the hair was evaluated in Japanese males where 9 healthy men were given 4 minutes of standardized scalp massage every day for 24 weeks using a scalp massage device. The total number of hair, hair thickness, and hair growth rate were evaluated. It was then concluded that hair growth and thickness developed significantly after 24 weeks.

  • Abdominal Massage Improves Chronic Constipation

    Many of us suffer from chronic constipation in silence. Some of us would think it’s normal and doesn’t really do something about it. If you have constipation and can afford to get massage treatment, and abdominal massage can help improve your situation. The effects of abdominal massage in constipation were actually investigated in 2009. The study reached a conclusion that regular abdominal massage reduced the severity of gastrointestinal symptoms, particularly constipation and abdominal pain, and has helped significantly in increased bowel movements. Not only will you have your constipation problems solved, but you will also get all the benefits massage therapy has to offer.

  • Massage Enhances the Quality of Life of Cancer Patients and People with HIV/AIDS

    This is not something that all people know. Interesting enough, therapeutic massage lessened pain, fatigue, nausea, and anxiety in patients undergoing chemotherapy. In another study, massage therapy decreased stress, anxiety, pain, and provided comfort to cancer patients. Massage boosts dopamine, serotonin, endorphins, and enkephalins, which increase relaxation and reduce pain. Massage also improved quality of life, preserved immune function, and reduced stress in patients infected with HIV. Cancer patients and people with HIV go through a lot of pain – physical and emotional – and if there is anything that can help to make them feel better, it’s something that we should take advantage of.

These are just a few perks we can get from a regular massage. The next time you think of getting one, do not hesitate, instead, enjoy it fully knowing that there is so much more you’re getting than just relaxation.

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