Did you know that April is actually National Foot Health Awareness Month? Well, now that you do, let’s take a moment to appreciate one of the most vital parts of our body – our feet. Both of our feet make up for 25% of our body’s bones, 18% of joints and 6% of the muscles. Taking damage to any of these elements can be very harmful to our bodies which can affect the completion of our regular chores.

From the moment we wake up until before we fall asleep, our feet carry our body weight and work tremendously to keep us mobile. The moment we get up of our beds, our feet’s job has already started – these body parts not only support our weight but they are also responsible in making sure we can go from one place to another.

However, because we are so used with our feet doing a great job, we almost never notice the need to take care of them. Sadly, we take them for granted too much that we only start to get concerned when they don’t function the way they are supposed to be and the way we want them to.

Imagine waking up, preparing for work when suddenly your feet hurt that you’re not able to stand up. That’s when you know something has horribly gone wrong and only then that you would be very worried. Thus, before that happens, let us educate ourselves on how we can treat our feet better and how we can actually take care of these hard workers.

Listed are a Few Tips on How to Take Care of Your Feet


  1. Exercise being mobile. One of the easiest ways to maintain a healthy foot is by moving, it doesn’t matter whether it is through different activities like running, walking, dancing, cleaning the house, and many more. It’s really effortless. Nonetheless, moving too much can restrain our feet so make sure that everything is done lightly and in moderation.
  2. Use proper footwear. Wear the right shoes for the ventures you will be participating in. If you are into sports, there are specific shoes made for some sports activities such as basketball shoes. Know that most shoes are not made for aesthetic purposes only but are actually made specifically to make sure that our feet are safe and convenient for particular activities. Also, walking barefoot is not recommended at all as shoes and slippers are the simplest way to protect your foot from bruises and specks of dirt.
  3. Don’t wear tight shoes. Wearing shoes that are too tight or too small is a big no-no, aside from being very uncomfortable, it can also result in long-term foot problems which, according to The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, are bunions or hammertoes, corns, toes that cross over each other, ingrown toenails, and complications from diabetes (if applicable). That’s why when shopping for shoes, it would be best to buy the ones with just enough space to allow your feet and toes to move freely and comfortably.
  4. Keep your feet hygienic. Same with any part of the body, healthy feet commence with good hygiene. Cleaning your feet regularly with soap and water can easily do the trick. However, make sure to dry every part of them thoroughly, as moisture attracts fungus. Always use clean and dry socks when wearing shoes. Remember, it is vital that you keep your feet clean and dry. Whenever possible, avoid sharing shoes with other people – there’s no telling just how much bacteria, fungal organisms, and infections you can get by doing such.
  5. Pamper your feet. That’s right. Aside from keeping your feet healthy and clean, it is also not a bad thing to pamper them every once in a while. Go get that pedicure! Once a week, every two weeks, or even once a month – it all depends on your lifestyle. Getting a foot spa is also one of the greatest ways to pamper your feet. Getting a foot spa once every two weeks is ideal as it does not only pamper your feet but it actually has a lot of health benefits too. If you’re having a hard time figuring out the best foot massage in Metro, Manila, try Breeze Oriental Spa and Massage’s services. Their foot massage does not only offer relaxation but also offers therapeutic features.


There’s no denying that our feet play a very powerful role in our ability to function which then affects our life’s status. Our quality of life and survival depends greatly on our ability to perform activities of daily living and working and our feet allow us to be capable of such. Being able to do what we need and what we want gives us a lot of emotional satisfaction, that’s why taking care of our feet should not be neglected.