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A Customer Getting the Best Foot Massage in the Philippines at Breeze Oriental Spa & Massage


Most people are familiar with getting full-body massages to relax, de-stress, or relieve body pain. However, not all are aware that something as simple as a foot massage can greatly affect and improve one’s health.

It will be difficult to trace the very origin of foot massages as many ancient civilizations used the method. It was practiced by Chinese, Indians, Japanese, and Europeans, adding their own styles and techniques to the massage.

However, one thing’s certain; it has always been an effective solution for different health conditions. This healing method, done by applying pressure to various points of our feet,  has shown wonderful effects on our bodies.

So, the next time you have unusual body pain, skip the neck and shoulder massage and try the best foot massage in the Philippines, like the one offered by Breeze Oriental Spa & Massage. We can ensure you’ll feel just as relaxed and receive all the benefits foot reflexology can provide.

What Does Massaging Your Feet Do?

We use our feet every day, putting all our weight on them and doing all kinds of tiring activities. Sometimes, resting alone is not enough to ease the fatigue or discomfort you feel when walking. Getting a foot massage now and then is a good practice because it has a lot of benefits and allows you to pamper yourself.

The first benefit of foot massages is they improve your blood circulation. Some are unaware that wearing tight or uncomfortable shoes leads to impaired circulation. By getting the best foot massage in the Philippines, your blood will flow properly, helping you avoid heart and kidney problems.

The second benefit of foot massages is it alleviates swelling. During pregnancy, many women experience edema, which is foot swelling due to fluid retention. Regular foot massages can help with this problem as the slow hand strokes move the fluid out of the area.

The last benefit of foot massages is it promotes better sleep. When you experience excruciating pain in your feet, it commonly leads to sleep deprivation since you can’t relax because of the discomfort. You can solve this by letting an expert massage specific points of your feet.

Why Are Pressure Points Important in Foot Massages?

If you’re curious how massage experts relieve body pain in a natural way, you should learn what pressure points are and why they are important in foot massages.

Pressure points are the specific areas where our feet carry the most tension. When a massage expert presses on them during foot massages, they target other body parts where you feel discomfort.

For instance, the lower part of your right sole is called the insomnis point. When pressure is focused on that part, it can help with your sleep cycle. Meanwhile, if you are experiencing backaches, the practitioner assigned to you can massage the inner parts of your foot as they are directly connected to your spine.

Breeze Oriental Spa & Massage employees take time to learn these pressure points to ensure they can give the best foot massages to clients in the Philippines.

How Often Should You Get a Foot Massage?

Now that you have learned the benefits of getting foot massages, you might be wondering how often should you visit a massage spa. The answer varies depending on each client’s needs.

For example, if you just want to pamper yourself and relax, you can go to your favorite spa at least once every six weeks. The more regularly you visit, the faster you’ll see improvements.

However, if you have pain or discomfort in your feet, you may need to visit frequently. Generally, experts recommend having a session lasting for 30 to 60 minutes every week for six to eight weeks. This is then followed by less regular foot massages every four weeks.

What Is the Difference Between Foot Massages and Reflexology?

Foot massages and reflexology are commonly mixed up because of how similar they are. After all, they are both used to relax or alleviate pain by massaging the foot. However, there are some differences between the two.

Basically, foot massages focus on the soft tissues on and around the foot. It is when massage experts knead the foot’s sore areas using their fingers, knuckles, and palms. Through different massaging techniques, they can stretch the muscles, resulting in better circulation, sleep, and overall relaxation.

On the other hand, foot reflexology is more complex. It focuses on massaging the foot to promote wellness throughout the body, meaning the goal is not just to relax your feet but to target different internal organs, bones, or body systems. It is done by pushing or squeezing the pressure points in the foot that are connected to other body parts.

Although there’s a significant difference between foot massages and reflexology, you simply cannot do one without the other. When a masseuse performs foot massages, they can also focus on pressure points from time to time. However, their priority will be kneading the foot’s soft tissues. During foot reflexology, the massage therapist typically starts with light kneading strokes to prepare the client for more focused and complex techniques later.

They are best combined to achieve optimal results. Moreover, experts have proven that getting both can actually improve psychological and physical health.

Which Organs Are Your Feet Connected To?

It is truly amazing how body parts connect to each other. Who would have thought that getting a simple foot massage and reflexology could benefit a person’s health? Many of our organs are affected when you press a certain part of the foot, leading to various health benefits. Here are some examples:

  • Head and Brain – We all experience headaches, migraines, or uncomfortable throbbing pain in our temples. Many people resort to taking medicine that can relieve headaches. However, there is a natural way to solve this. The tips of the toes are directly connected to your head and brain. So, to reduce your pain, you can get a foot massage and ask the masseuse to apply pressure on your toe’s tips.
  • Small Intestines – After binge eating, some people have indigestion. But before you grab over-the-counter antacids, try getting a foot massage. Our small intestines are connected to the heel and ball of the foot. Applying pressure on them will solve your problem and also help avoid bloating.
  • Heart – One of the most important organs of the body is the heart, which is connected to the left side of our foot’s ball. Inexperienced spa employees might have difficulty locating the right spot for this, but someone who has studied reflexology can easily find it. Massaging this point improves flow inside the body, benefiting the circulatory system and heart health.

Having regular visits to your favorite massage spa is great. However, it is best to note that these massages can only do so much. If you are experiencing serious health issues, it is best to consult a doctor to get a proper diagnosis and treatment.

Where Can You Get the Best Foot Massages in the Philippines?

There are many massage centers in the Philippines, but nothing compares to Breeze Oriental Spa & Massage. Our spa centers can be considered safe havens for those who want to pamper themselves, bond and relax with their friends, or relieve body pain.

We can provide you with a complete day spa experience, ensuring utmost relaxation and comfort while getting foot massages. Our management also uses nothing but high-quality products, essential oils, and equipment so you can have a luxurious stay with us.

If you are interested, visit our branches:

Best Foot Massage in Taguig

Taguig is a city frequented by employees from different corporations. If you work around BGC, you can easily drop by our Taguig branch after your shift to relax and relieve the pain and numbing of your feet after hours of walking or standing.

Best Foot Massage in Makati

Makati is accessible to all Manila residents and others who live in nearby towns. You can visit our branch there by scheduling foot massage sessions with our experts. Afterward, you can drop by malls to go shopping or eat at popular restaurants in the area.


Avoid relying on over-the-counter medicines for simple body pain or indigestion issues. Instead, address your health concerns naturally by getting the best foot massages in our Makati or Taguig branches now!

If you have questions about our services and other offerings, feel free to contact our team. We’ll make sure to answer you as soon as possible.

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