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Woman receiving the best treatments from a luxury spa in Metro Manila


Relaxing from time to time is necessary, especially if you’ve been recently bombarded with stress and anxiety from work and daily life. There are many ways to unwind, and one of them is visiting us at Breeze Oriental Spa & Massage. We are among the best luxury spas in Metro Manila, so you can expect that we can receive the most satisfying massage treatments from us.

In case you’re still looking for a luxury spa in the Metro, here are a few factors you might want to consider:

Clean and Welcoming Atmosphere

The place’s overall ambiance is one of the first things to watch out for when choosing a place to get a luxury spa. The best spas in Metro Manila should have a welcoming atmosphere, which is often completed by dim and warm lights along with diffusers or scented candles. In many cases, they play soothing music to help you relax as you wait for your turn to be served.

Spas often market their services as beneficial for one’s health. So, like any facility that aims to provide healthcare, spas need to be clean at all times to attract visitors and prevent contamination. The whole place should look tidy, and there shouldn’t be any visible mess and dirt. Also, the devices and items they use in providing their services, including towels and beds, should be disinfected regularly.

High-Quality Treatments

Another thing you should consider is the quality of their services. It should be evident that the best massage places in Metro Manila should offer top-notch treatments that can help their clients relax and de-stress.

The clinic should also provide you with a wide range of options regarding the services you can get, depending on your needs. If you have aching muscles that you want to relieve, getting a pressure points massage would help. Meanwhile, a pampering foot massage might be better if you need services targeting your feet, legs, neck, head, and shoulders.

You don’t necessarily have to break the bank just to get these services, even in the best luxury spas in Metro Manila. Sparing a few thousand pesos would be enough to get the treatments you want for yourself. Here at Breeze Oriental Spa & Massage, for instance, we offer pressure points massage for as low as ₱1,500 for an hour-long service. Our pampering foot massage, meanwhile, starts at ₱2,200 for the entire 110-minute session.

Skilled and Experienced Therapists

You should factor in the skills and experience of the therapists, as well. These individuals should know how to perform different massage techniques properly. If possible, you can ask if the clinic has certifications that prove their team’s expertise in the area.

Alternatively, you can also do your research and check out reviews from some of the past clients of the spa you want to go to. This way, you can get an idea of the kind of services that the therapists in those clinics offer.

Here at Breeze Oriental Spa & Massage, we have two kinds of therapists that you might want to choose from. We have regular therapists who are incredibly skilled in executing different massage techniques. Our establishment also employs Chinese masters, who are even more proficient in performing various kinds of treatments. Services rendered by our Chinese masters typically come at a slightly higher cost.

Excellent Customer Service

The overall customer service of the establishment should be a matter of consideration for you, too. As a client, you should be treated with utmost respect and professionalism. It should start from the setting up of your appointment. When you call their hotline to book a massage service, you should not experience any hassle, and the other person at the end of the line should provide you with a trouble-free transaction.
On the day of your appointment, you will be greeted by friendly staff members who will walk you through the entire process. They will guide you to the room where you will get the massage. However, if all the therapists are busy, you will be brought to an area where you can sit comfortably as you wait for your turn.
Of course, the therapists will also show you professionalism and excellent services in any of the best massage spa clinics in Metro Manila. Before the session, you might be asked to change into more comfortable clothing suitable for the service. You will be given the privacy you need as you change your outfit. During the session, you will indeed receive the highest level of care you deserve as a client.

Visit Breeze Oriental Spa & Massage Today

Breeze Oriental Spa & Massage is here to provide you with the most excellent services available at the best luxury spas in Metro Manila. We offer different massages performed by highly skilled therapists and Chinese masters. Additionally, we have two branches (one in Makati and another in BGC), so you can choose a clinic near you if you wish to schedule an appointment.

What’s more, we can provide hassle-free transactions when booking any of our services. All you have to do is call your preferred branch, and our staff will guide you through scheduling a massage session. Alternatively, you can also email us, and we will reply as soon as possible. We accept walk-in clients, too, as long as you have the patience to wait for your turn.

When you visit any of our branches, you can expect that you will be treated with utmost care and respect. You will also receive the highest quality of service you deserve. That’s what we do as one of the best luxury spas in Metro Manila, and we have testimonials from our previous clients to back us up. We have served countless number of people in the past, and many have been satisfied with the massage treatments we’ve provided for them.

Be one of our next satisfied guests! Receive the pampering you deserve by booking a massage session with our therapists today.

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