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Best Massage in Makati

Are you located in a city where everyone is busy and tired from time to time? Are you situated in Makati? If yes, do you want to have a massage that can soothe your pain right away despite the location? Do not worry because we got you.
Since then, spas are an excellent way of destressing after work. Aside from destressing, a massage can provide you the health benefits you need in today’s time. With that, the Filipinos have considered establishing spas in different places for everyone who needs it at any minute.
If you’re situated in Makati, you should check out the Breeze Oriental Spa & Massage that’s located specifically in Talisay Street. Aside from our flagship store in BGC, we have decided to build our space in Makati for other people.
Since then, we have satisfied the needs and requirements of our customers concerning relaxation. With that, we want you to experience it as well without any hesitation. If you are interested, here is a map for you to check out its location to avoid getting lost.

Makati Location Map - 2-page-001

Unlike the rest, our spa employs massage techniques that aren’t only relaxing but are also beneficial at the same time. In fact, our services are not solely focused on relaxation because it is more on the healing side.
Since then, we use various authentic Chinese massage techniques that are good for your health. As a whole, we want our customers to experience a long-term benefit from our offered massages, not just a day of relaxation.

Breeze Oriental Spa & Massage - Makati Branch

This branch has a total of 12 distinct rooms for our clients. Pretty good, right? At times, having different rooms for every massage is like having the privacy and cleanliness you’ve paid for. In that way, you know that you are being prioritized in the best way possible. All you have to do is to relax for the next few hours or so.
To be specific, we have seven allotted rooms for full body massage services, including two more for couples. Apart from that, we have two rooms for foot massages and one foot-wash area for sanitary purposes.

Here are some of its looks as a preview.

Reception Area

Rec Area

Outside View

Outside View

Foot Wash Area


Foot Wash Area

Foot, Neck & Shoulder Massage Rooms

Foot Neck Massage

Full Body Massage Services Area 

Massage Rooms

Our spa’s appearance is inspired by mixed Chinese and Japanese designs, which are both pleasing to the eyes. When it comes to our services, we have 13 skilled massage therapists with 2-3 months of training to assure you of the best spa experience.

Whenever you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information. Also, if you want to have a reservation, then book it now! When it comes to accommodation, a total of 13 individuals can be handled all at once.

In general, our massages are all affordable for anyone who wishes to have one. With that, you can visit us at any time to enjoy your spare time, whether alone or with someone. We also do provide promos for our clients from time to time as something to look forward to.

So, what are you waiting for? We look forward to your visit!