If your body has been aching for days, the first thing that would probably come to your mind is to get a whole body massage during your day off. It is very rare that you would hear a Filipino seek a chiropractor due to body pains because first, chiropractic is not as famous in the Philippines as in the U.S., and second, there are a very small number of chiropractors in the country.

Usually, patients would go to a chiropractic clinic for treatment of different body problems such as pain in the neck, arms, legs, headaches and the likes, yet, one of the most common reasons why people seek a chiropractor is to treat back pains. In fact, about 7.7 million people in the US go for chiropractic therapy every year because of back pain alone. On the other hand, chiropractors are not as popular in the Philippines – there are actually less than two dozen chiropractors in the country as of 2013 – which is why chiropractors are not the first choice of Filipinos when they need to relieve body pains.

First of all, what do chiropractors do? I remember hearing this C-word for the first time a few years ago and I had no idea what it was, I bet most of us in the Philippines are not familiar with the term too. Well to explain what they do in the simplest way, chiropractors are, technically, professionals whose treatment involves arranging their patient’s spine with different types of manipulations typically through the use of their hands. Chiropractors apply a managed, rapid force to a damaged or injured joint that then allows it to move in a normal manner and reduce its pain and inflammation.

So, at what point would you need a chiropractor? As mentioned above, chiropractic can treat different types of body pain such as acute lower back pain (usually the type of sudden injury that results from moving or lifting heavy stuff), headaches, neck pain, and other forms of pains. However, there are some conditions when it is not recommended. If you happen to have osteoporosis, spinal cord compression, inflammatory arthritis, or take blood-thinning medications, undergoing spinal manipulation is not suggested at all. People who also have a history of cancer need to get medical clearance before going through spinal manipulation.

Chiropractic is basically considered safe and there are very few occasions where a patient’s condition has been worsened by a chiropractor. Anyhow, before undergoing any chiropractic therapy, it is vital that you fully inform your chiropractor of your medical history including continuous medical condition, if you’re currently taking medications, if you have gone through any traumatic or surgical operations, and other lifestyle factors. Chiropractors also usually perform physical examinations during your first consultation to make sure that their treatments suit you.

If you are having chronic back pains, headaches, or if you feel like your whole body is just hurting, visiting a spa to get a massage therapy is definitely one of the best and safest way to relieve those discomforts. Finding a chiropractor in this country is not as easy as finding the best massage in Metro Manila, plus a spa can offer so much more than a physical relief of pain.

Why a spa? Spas are specially designed to soothe our mind and body at the same time. Most spas have aromatic fragrance, relaxing ambiance, and calming music, not to mention the organic teas that can make wonders to our body. They are also able to provide different types of massage therapy depending on your needs.

A foot spa combined with head and shoulder massage can already remove stress-fueled knots, surprisingly, it has even more advantage than pain relief. This type of massage (foot, head, and shoulder) can also improve your body organs’ performance and metabolism. There are also specific neck and shoulder massages that are designed to quickly relieve discomfort, tension, headaches, and activates blood circulation – just like what is being provided in Breeze Oriental Spa and Massage.

A whole body massage is another level of therapy and relaxation. Aside from relieving fatigue and improving our metabolism, a whole body massage also promotes the secretion of endorphins in the body, which calm the nerves and relieve stress. Apart from different massages, spas also offer additional services such as Ventosa which is a cupping therapy that is a great treatment for blood stasis, can relieve fatigue, and can enhance overall physical fitness.

So, can a spa provide the same treatment a chiropractor can? Let’s play it safe and say that it all depends on your situation. If you’re looking into chronic body pain relief, relaxation, and stress removal, a spa would be the best place to go, while if you have an injury that needs rehabilitation, and with a professional recommendation, a chiropractor would probably be your best bet.