In order to find the best spa in Makati, you should bear these criteria in mind to pick the right one for you. At times, considering these factors will enable you to make better decisions upon choosing.

To prevent your spa experience from turning into a disappointment, here is the list that you should follow.

1. Take a Tour

A trip to a spa is the ultimate way for you to find out if the spa is worth the shot or not. At times, seeing the place personally will make a huge difference, as you can see if it’s excellent as an option.
When everything is top-notch, you can immediately book for a reservation to experience what they can offer!

2. Quality of the Massages 

A spa is not complete without its massages. With that, you should know first-hand if the spa offers quality massages services to its customers. One of the ways of doing so is by reading comments online to see if there are some satisfied customers. If yes, consider it done and have your me-time as soon as possible.

3. Atmosphere

Although there are other things to prioritize, the atmosphere of a place is just as important. With that, checking out the spa personally to see the overall place is an excellent idea. The reason for this is because, when you don’t like the feel of a particular place, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy it.
Whenever you’re free, take the time to visit some spas around the area for you to discern them one by one.

4. Staff 

Staff is, of course, one of the crucial things you need to know when choosing the best spa. The reason for that is because these people are the ones who will assist you from start to finish. If they are not good with what they’re doing, chances are, you wouldn’t be satisfied with what they can offer.
Indeed, attitude is important as it can affect the customer’s mood and perception of your spa. Be sure that they are kind and accommodating as much as possible!

5. Therapists 

A massage wouldn’t be complete without massage therapists. With that, you should know if the therapists are good for you to have the best massage experience. If they aren’t, you will have to leave the spa unsatisfied and gloomy.

6. Price

As you look for a spa in Makati, you should look for the cost of its offered services, whether online or personally.
At times, Filipinos go to a spa according to their budget. With that, they would choose the one that offers services at a very reasonable price. While there is nothing wrong about it, money should never be an issue when it involves relaxation and happiness. Please bear in mind that some spas offer costly massages, but they’re all worth every single of your penny.

7. Reviews

Since we live in a democratic country, people have their opinions and comments on everything. When it comes to choosing a spa, you should look for its performance by reading the reviews of people online. In that way, you’d know if you are spending your money right or if it’s just a waste of time.

8. Reputation

Aside from reviews, the status of the spa will always matter. At times, businesses with a good reputation tend to give the best services. With that, you’ll experience a massage that is one of a kind compared to spas with not so good reviews.

9. Accessibility of the Location

Whenever you are looking for a spa, make sure to choose the place that’s near you. It would be best if you can go to a place without sacrificing too much of your time to locate it. It might not be the best one in the area, but it will be convenient for you to save time in the best way possible.

10. Intention

Every customer has their own plan when they go to a spa. Some of them want foot massage services. The others want a full body massage. And then the list goes on to whatever they want. With that, whatever your intention is, you should look for a spa that can provide you with what you need.

In conclusion, these are the top 10 factors that you should look at whenever you search for the spa that’s perfect for you. Makati or not, you deserve a spa that’s worth considering.

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