If you’re interested in reading this, it means you’re either of the two: you’re probably going to visit a spa for the first time soon, or you’re already a regular spa-goer who thought of checking if there’s something you’re doing wrong or if there’s something else that you need to do whenever you visit one. Either of the two, you would surely feel more confident after going through this article for I have listed a few do’s and don’ts in the next paragraphs.

When visiting a spa, it would be best to call in advance and set an appointment. It really is not a must since most spas accept walk-ins, nevertheless, it would be best if you can have a reservation to avoid disappointments such as getting in the queue and waiting for a long time for your turn. Remember that not all spas have organized systems and work efficiently. If you would like to make sure you would experience the best spa in the Philippines, you can give Breeze Oriental Spa and Massage a call at (+63) 917-867-6699 and have your own reservations.

Now that you have an appointment, it’s now time to figure out what to wear going to and while spending your time in a spa. In order to dress appropriately, remember the reason you’re going there. Is it because you want to de-stress? Then dress comfortably. Is it because you want to take pictures and have something to post online? Then dress to impress. It’s all on you. You may also consider bringing extra clothes for swimming (if the spa has the facility) and for other activities.

Do arrive early. In an appointment, coming late has always been, and is always a no-no. Sure it’s typical to get to the spa a few minutes earlier before your schedule but how many minutes should your allowance be? If you ask regular spa-goers, the ideal time allowance would be at least 15 minutes – this is just enough time to fill out forms you are required to, and to prepare yourself before the scheduled service. However, if you would like to spend more time feeling the spa’s ambiance, check out your room, take a shower, enjoy some food/drinks, and take pictures, arriving 30-45 minutes is also not a bad idea.

Do your best to be quiet. You probably noticed (will notice – if you have not gone to a spa yet) that spa employees talk very quietly or don’t talk at all. It doesn’t mean though that they are being rude, it’s just that they consider their customers and value other people’s rest. You have to keep in mind that people go to a spa because they need peace of mind and are looking forward to removing their stress. Trust me, there is no way you and the people around you would find relaxation if you constantly hear someone talking out loud – even if you’re the one doing it. On the other hand, if the person performing the service is the one being a bit talkative and you do not want to talk as you’re seeking relaxation, you can simply tell them directly and in a very nice way. They would instantly understand it.

What about mobile phones? Are there certain rules about it too?  Well, cellphones are usually restrained at most spas. Not the type of exaggerated “restriction” though. A few allows guests to use their phones in the reception area and on outside grounds, or even in guest rooms. Nevertheless, as much as possible, you should avoid making noise. It’s understandable if you would like to use your phone’s camera to take pictures or videos, (especially if the spa is so instagrammable!), however, don’t forget to ask permission and find out if the management allows such acts. Calls and video calls are a big no-no. People around you can get intimidated by such acts and might not feel as comfortable as they should be. Besides, how can you relax if you keep on calling during your treatment?

So, you have an appointment, you’ve already dressed the way you wanted to, you went to the spa 15 minutes earlier than scheduled, you’ve turned your phone off and you’re now just waiting for the service. What do you do? Most spas would require you to wear a bathrobe that they will provide while you’re inside their facilities so please utilize it. Do you go naked all the way though? It is indeed recommended that you go naked all the way. If you’re going to have a massage, you’ll be under blankets and towels the entire time anyway so there’s no need to feel awkward. Also, the therapist will only pull down the areas that he/she will be working on at a time.

Hopefully, reading this helped you become more confident and prepared in your next spa visit. There are a few more things that are not listed here at this moment but when in doubt, just always remember that basic good manners will never bring you down wherever you go and that’s the key to making your experience enjoyable not just for yourself but for the people around you too.