A massage therapist from Breeze Spa & Massage giving a one of the best full-body spa massage to a client in the Philippines


For years, many have relied on spas to achieve relaxation and rejuvenation. This practice originated from our Roman ancestors who used natural hot springs as well as steam from mineral water to rest their bodies after battles.

Nowadays, anyone can choose to visit a spa. And if you’re interested in reading this, it means you’re either going to a spa center for the first time soon or you’re a regular spa-goer who wants to check if there’s something they’re doing wrong whenever they visit one.

Nevertheless, you would surely feel more confident after going through this article by Breeze Oriental Spa & Massage. As one of the best spas in the Philippines, we can gladly guide you to your first spa experience.

The Importance of Going to the Best Spas in the Philippines

Besides relaxing your body, going to spas is undeniably good for your mental health and spiritual healing. These relaxation centers provide a safe space for anyone who wants a break from the bustling city life and those who wish to have quiet downtime by themselves.

Premium massage spas provide various services, from body massages to aromatherapy, that can help you combat stress, anxiety, and depression. These services are effective in encouraging better sleep cycles and higher production of serotonin as well.

Overall, it is recommended to pay a visit to your favorite massage therapist a few times a month, depending on what type of service you’ll get. For deep, full-body massages, the most frequent you can go is once a month. However, if you get neck massages to relieve pain, experts say that a 60-minute session two or three times a week is highly beneficial.

Spa Etiquette For First-Timers

It’s natural to be clueless when you’re trying out new things. However, if you want to be ready for your first time at the spa, here are some things for you to keep in mind:

Set an Appointment

When visiting a spa, it would be best to call in advance and set an appointment. Although it is not a must since most spas accept walk-ins, it would be nice if you could have a reservation. This way, you can avoid long waiting lines.

Remember that not all spas have organized systems. This is why it is imperative that you find the best spa service in the Philippines and have your massage during your preferred date and time.

Wear Proper Clothing

Now that you have an appointment, it’s time to figure out what to wear on your spa day. It is recommended that your dress comfortably. Wear a loose shirt and leggings paired with your go-to sneakers to ensure that you can easily move and relax your body. You may also consider bringing extra clothes for swimming in case the spa has a facility for water activities.

Arrive On Time

First time or not, you must arrive early or just in time for your appointment. The main purpose of a reservation is to accommodate everyone. If you do not stay on schedule, chances are, you may have a conflict with other clients.

If you are wondering how many minutes your allowance time should be, regular spa-goers say that the ideal time is at least 15 minutes earlier. This is just enough window to fill out forms and prepare yourself before the scheduled service.

However, if you would like to spend more time feeling the spa’s ambiance, checking out your room, taking a shower, enjoying some food and drinks, or taking pictures, arriving 30-45 minutes earlier is not a bad idea.

Follow The Spa Rules

The number one rule in every spa is to be as quiet as possible. Once you enter the facility, you will probably notice that the employees here talk in a low volume. This is because they know that customers visit their spa to rest and have a relaxing time. Thus, they value their peace.

Keep in mind that other clients are here to destress and have a break from the city’s noise, and constantly hearing someone talking loudly will disrupt their therapeutic experience. A spa is shared space, so we should be mindful of how our actions may affect other people.

Minimize Phone Usage

Mobile phones are usually allowed at most spas since some customers like to take photos of the center or with their family and friends who are also getting a massage. However, they do restrict the use of phones during massages or at least ensure that they are on silent mode.

Whether it’s yours or others, a ringing phone will always be a nuisance to those who want to have a calming spa day.

The Most Frequently Asked Question When Going to Spas

Although you’re now aware of common spa etiquette, we know that you may still have one main question left in mind. First-time spa-goers often ask if they should be naked when getting massages, especially full-body ones.

Most spas would require you to wear a bathrobe, which they will provide, while you’re inside their facility. You may have it on while waiting for your massage therapist. When the service starts, it is required that you remove. Rest assured that during massages, you’ll be provided blankets and towels, so there’s no need to feel awkward.

Moreover, the therapists hired in the best spas in the Philippines are licensed professionals. Therefore, they are used to working with clients every day without minding if they are naked or not.

Visit One of the Best Spas in the Philippines

Breeze Oriental Spa and Massage is a spa haven located in Makati and Bonifacio Global City. We house a number of qualified and passionate massage therapists trained by experts from China.

Our therapists are already capable of using special massage techniques to help you destress and manage body pains. On top of that, we only use high-quality products like essential oils and massage equipment. Once you avail of our services, know that you will have the most relaxing experience in our luxuriously designed facility.


Hopefully, reading this helped you become more confident and prepared for your first spa visit. By following the said rules, we are sure that you’ll have the most memorable first-time spa experience. Furthermore, guided by the tips you learned, your fellow customers will surely appreciate how you value their own experiences as well.

If you want to book a session with Breeze Oriental Spa and Massage, feel free to contact our team! We look forward to hearing from you.