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Looking for the best spa and massage in Makati? We know how much you’re aching for that much-deserved break or some pampering time with your gals. Well, we’re here to help you out in choosing which spa works for you if you’re in Makati. 


An actual trip to a spa may still be the best way for you to see if the spa is worth the shot or not, but it can be just time-consuming. Not to mention that we can’t get out anytime soon for safety reasons. 


Since quarantine season is still in, make sure to check this list first so you can be ready when the spa finally opens back its doors:


Services Offered by Breeze Oriental Spa & Massage in Makati


Of course, we all know that a spa isn’t a spa without massages. With that, the first thing that you should check is the services a spa offers to its customers. 


One of the best ways to do that is by searching for top-rated massage spas in Makati and checking online reviews from former customers. If you like what you’re already seeing on the feedback, consider it done.


  1. Space


We won’t be able to relax if the space is cramped or cluttered. This is one of the reasons why we need to go to a spa and massage in Makati, so we can go to a place as a “safe haven.” 

Imagine, if you get a massage on a place that you don’t really like, do you think you’d be able to enjoy it at all? 


The good thing is that you can check photos of the spa on their official social media! Some massage spas also have a virtual tour on their websites, which may be useful to check out. 


Whenever you’re free, or when it’s safe to get out, feel free to visit some spas around Makati to personally get the ‘feel’ of a place.


  1. Customer Experience 


We all want a satisfactory customer experience, whichever services it may be in. The same thing goes for the quality experience you could get from a spa. Well, the staff will assist you from start to finish, so it does make an impact. 


Also, sometimes we even remember the satisfactory customer experience rather than the massage itself. Not to mention that the staff is the ones in the frontlines, which should establish what the spa and massage are like. 


If the staff is friendly and accommodating, chances are, it’s the right place! You can also try to massage the spa’s social media accounts to check how they talk with their customers or clients. 


  1. Massage Therapists 


The therapists are the key people in a spa center. They should be professionals who know what’s right for you to have the best massage experience. You can also do background research on the therapists, check their skills and certificates. 


  1. Price


When we look into different services, the first thing we look at is the price. Sometimes, we even compromise and go for the cheaper option also if the quality suffers. It’s good to choose a spa that offers reasonable prices if it matches the quality services. 


But if it’s a quick way to happiness and de-stress, then maybe it’s worth your money. After all, it’s something that can’t be bought by money. Yes, some spas offer costly massages, but check if it’s reasonable for the price. 


  1. Customer Feedback 


Regardless if customers had a positive or negative experience, they would always leave feedback if they’ve experienced something remarkable. When it comes to choosing a spa, always read the reviews of people online. In that way, you’d know if you are spending your money and time wisely. 


  1. Reputation


Aside from checking the feedback, the reputation of a spa will always matter. The reputation means it’s built upon the previous input of the former clients. In general, businesses with a good reputation provide the best services to maintain a good reputation. 


  1. Accessibility 


Whenever you’re thinking of which spa to choose, check first the place that’s near you. If you’re in Makati, it would be best to take a tour without sacrificing too much of your time to find it. 


It would be convenient, saves time and effort in the best way possible. It’s also easy to be a regular when the place is near or accessible! 


Those are the top factors to consider when you have a hard time choosing which spa and massage to go to. We hope this made it easier for you, but of course, the decision is still up to you! 


Want a recommendation? Breeze Oriental Spa & Massage in Makati could just be your next safe haven in the city. The spa is reputable for its secure, reliable, and reasonable services. There are also lots of services to choose from! 


In Breeze, everything is top-notch, so you can immediately book for a reservation to experience what they can offer! See for yourself after this quarantine and get ready for a unique day spa experience!