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best wellness spa in makati city
Are you feeling in pain lately? Kind of stressed with the recent events? If yes, then alleviate your stress and pain with a massage in the best wellness spa in Makati City! With Breeze Oriental Spa and Massage, you’ll be in a trance because of the overwhelming feeling of relaxation.

For years, Makati is a place where people are present from time to time. In fact, most of the workstations are found in the area. With that, almost everyone is worn-out in every corner.

If you’re one of those people who’s in Makati, consider having an aromatherapy massage to relieve whatever negative you’re feeling.

Here are some of our best recommendations for you to have a fulfilling experience.

If you haven’t tried aromatherapy massages yet, then this is already a sign!

Aromatherapy Massages brought to you by Breeze Oriental Spa & Massage

Revitalize Oil Massage

60 mins.

Regular Therapist – ₱ 1,500

Chinese Master – ₱ 1,950

Through the use of our special essential oils and our signature massage techniques, this 60-minute oil massage nourishes the body and mind, clears the meridian, eliminates fatigue, and rejuvenates one’s strength.

Wellness Oil Massage

90 mins.

Regular Therapist – ₱ 2,050

Chinese Master – ₱ 2,580

A massage tailored to your desired outcome through a combination of our nourishing massage oil and the pressure applied with kneading, rolling motions, and pressure point massage.

Detoxify Oil Massage

120 mins.

Regular Therapist – ₱ 3,150

Chinese Master – ₱ 3,980

A signature massage that is designed to restore your body’s 5 elements. This massage encourages self-healing and balance, improves the lymphatic system, and enhances your overall sense of wellbeing.

With the use of luxurious oils and good quality lotions, you’ll have the best spa experience in the Philippines!

Did you know? According to Very Well Mind, each essential oil used in aromatherapy is said to have different properties. For instance, some of the products may calm and make you feel relaxed, while others can energize your body in the best way possible.

If you’re not that convinced, check out these benefits that are offered by oils:

  • Calming: Chamomile, lavender, and geranium oil
  • Decongesting: Eucalyptus, pine, and tea tree oil
  • Energizing: Rosemary oil
  • Uplifting: Ylang-ylang, clary sage, rose, and neroli oil

With these benefits, how come you never tried one of these in the past? With the technique being used by the therapists, you can feel the relaxation in just a snap!

If you want further information about the massage, here are the benefits of this type, as mentioned by Sochi!

  • Stress-reducing
  • Anxiety reliever
  • Increased calmness and relaxation
  • A decrease in muscle tension
  • Pain relief
  • A reduction of symptoms of depression
  • Ease of pain from various conditions

With the irresistible information above, we do hope that you’ve learned something new and deeper with aromatherapy massages.

Although Filipinos are not that familiar, it’s a thing that has been a favorite by many! Be sure to consider us whenever you’re thinking of having your next pamper time!

We are very much looking forward to your visit!