Dear Clients,

Greeting from Breeze Oriental Spa & Massage!

Breeze Oriental Spa & Massage’s goal to further enhance the professional skills of the therapists and to improve overall customer experience, the management appointed Amy (No. 2 therapist) as the new Operations Manager. Amy will handle the assessment, training and development of every therapist and to gain customer satisfaction.

Due to limited capacity, starting today, Amy will only accept two reservations on weekdays and four reservations on weekends and holidays, with a minimum massage hour of 90min/service. Furthermore, being the Operations Manager, the price of service done by Amy will be increased by 25% on master rate. (Price increase will be implemented by September 16)

This will enable our new Operations Manager to grasp and focus on training development, service process and utmost efforts in providing premium service to our valued clients. The management hopes that the above changes will be supported and understood by everyone. Thank you!