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It is nothing but normal for people in a relationship to want a lot of things to be done together. To be specific, in our country, a couple’s relationship goals or wish list would typically include the smallest things such as having the same shirt or shoes, watching certain movies and concerts, or it very well may be as big as traveling together whether out of town or out of the country.

Out of all the things included on these lists, the couple’s main goal is to be able to have fun, relax, spend time together, and get to know each other to a certain extent. For that reason, we believe that a couple’s massage in Manila, Philippines very well deserves to be part of every Filipino couple’s relationship wish list.


What Happens During a Couple Massage?


First of all, let’s make this clear: A couple’s massage is when you and another person decided to enjoy a massage in a room that has two separate beds next to each other where the two of you would lay down. Apparently, though the term couple often refers to two people in a relationship, the other person being referred to here is actually not required to be your romantic partner, in fact, they can be a close friend, your mom, other family members, and the likes.

Now for those who are curious (especially if it’s going to be your first time), two massage therapists would be there to attend for each of you. Your room, like any other massage room, usually has soothing music, aromatherapy, and a candle or very dim lighting. You and the other person do not have to choose the same treatment as each of you has your own different needs.


What Makes a Couple Massage a Great Idea and What are its Main Benefits?


Generally, it is not a secret that massage has a great number of benefits. However, there are specific perks that only a couple’s massage is able to provide. To name a few, these benefits include:


  1. Being able to spend quality and intimate time with each other. A couple’s massage enables two people (again, who necessarily do not have to be in a romantic relationship) to develop a closer bond by sharing such experience. Most of us are already too busy with our daily tasks and responsibilities that finding time to spend with our special someone might be a real struggle. Having a massage together can be very profitable not only for couples but also for friends by being able to relax while feeling reconnected with each other. During a massage, the duo can catch up by chatting and sharing their thoughts which makes the experience more fun, intimate, and meaningful. However, preferring to just keep quiet during the session does not make the experience any less. After all, a massage releases certain chemicals in our body which helps in increasing our feelings of affection, intimacy, and happiness anyway.
  2. It provides comfort and security. We have to understand that some of us feel intimidated by the thought of a solo massage session especially those who are very shy and first-timers. Imagine a shy person having to go to a spa alone, walking towards the receptionist and actually talking to the receptionist to request for a service. It can all get very uncomfortable for that person. What’s more, is that being with a stranger (masseur) in a room might just be too much for them to handle. However, in a couple’s massage, this awkwardness can turn into comfort and security knowing that a person you trust is going to be with you during the whole session.
  3. Getting to try and experience something new. A couple’s massage is not really a very common bonding amongst friends and couples. Since the usual activities of Filipinos who want to bond are often watching the latest movies, eating at different cafes and restaurants, shopping, etc., having a couple’s massage is definitely going to be something new. It’s always advisable to try something that has never been done before especially if you are a couple since these experiences allow you to get to know each other more. These unusual adventures constantly bring out your true self such as your attitude, how you react on things, what makes you comfortable, your likes and dislikes, and many more. Discovering yourself and your partner during the process is a very important thing.


Are There Preparations Needed Before Getting a Couple’s Massage?


Naturally, there are indeed a few things that you need to take care of before going to a spa to get that massage. Primarily, you need to plan it together with the person you’ll be going with. There are instances when partners or friends like surprising each other, however, you need to consider a few things before making such surprises. Is it going to be the other person’s first time in a spa? Or is s/he a regular goer? By asking these questions, you’d be able to assess how the situation would turn up. It’s important to make sure that both of you are on the same page and would genuinely have fun on that day. Finally, call the spa to have an appointment set and arrive about 30 minutes earlier on your schedule. This extra 30 minutes will allow you to enjoy the spa’s amenities together with your partner. Sipping some tea can definitely brighten up your mood. If you’re looking forward to doing this, one of the best spas in the metro (Breeze Oriental Spa & Massage) can be contacted through (+63) 917-867-6699 from 11:30 am to 1:30 am.

As a conclusion, a couple’s massage is always a good idea for people who would love to create a special bond with a person close to their hearts. It provides not only relaxation and comfort, but also a distinctive connection to each other. Lastly, trying this out is one of those things that can make you and your loved one feel luxurious and pampered without having to spend a large amount of cash.