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After a long day at work in Makati, removing your shoes can feel refreshing. What more the best foot massage in Makati can do? As it calms your nerves and improves your circulation, a massage is one of the best ways to beat fatigue.

Nowadays, getting an 8-hour sleep is a luxury. Some people lack sleep for a few days, while others have insomnia for an extended time. Anyhow, it's said that acupressure or the stimulation of pressure points can improve your sleep.

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Getting a better night's sleep can seem like a work of magic, but the best foot massage can turn it into reality— we'll discuss how. Targeting foot reflex points

According to an article published on the University of Minnesota's website, "reflexology" is the healing art of targeting your sole's reflex points. The bottom of a foot has over 7,000 nerve endings linked to the organs of your body. By applying pressure, it can stimulate the nervous system and restore energy pathways.

In the Philippines, especially in Makati, foot massage in a spa aims to regenerate your body. Reflexology's goal is the same, wherein areas of your body are "mapped" to a corresponding part of the feet, so it is a form of a massage.

One of the known benefits of a foot massage is improving one's sleep. Primarily, it supports people with sleep issues by calming the nervous system, improving mood, and offers as an excellent stress reliever.

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There are several theories on how a foot massage can best improve one's sleep, including the following:

1. Foot massage works with the central nervous system.

In the 1890s, Sir Henry Head and Sir Charles Sherrington built research on an existing neurological connection between our skin and the internal organs, and that the entire nervous system adjusts to a stimulus.

Based on their theory, by putting pressure on feet, hands, or ears, the peripheral nerves can send a message to the central nervous system, then indicates the body to regulate its tension level.

This brings an overall relaxation and sets the internal organs and their systems into a state of optimum functioning. Moreover, it improves your blood supply and enhances your waste removal.

2. Foot massage keeps the body's Qi flowing.

The neuromatrix theory proposes that pain is a subjective experience made by your brain. Not only does the brain do this because of the sensory experience of pain, but it can also function separately from sensory input and create pain out of emotional or cognitive factors.

Thus, factors that influence the brain, such as your mood or stress, can also affect your experience of pain. According to this theory, a foot massage may relieve pain by also reducing your stress and improving your mood.

It's also said that a foot massage can keep your body's "vital energy" flowing. This is based on the theory of "Qi." If we don't address our stress, it can congest the pathways of energy, which results in illnesses.

3. Foot massage targets overall wellness.

Reflexology was recognized as a foot massage treatment because of the "Zone Theory." In this theory, the regions of your body are allocated into 10 vertical zones. Each zone connects to each of your fingers and toes up to the top of your head.

For instance, imagine you're standing with your hands placed on your thighs (palms facing down). Your thumbs and your largest toe would be zone 1. On the other hand, on either side, your index finger and your second toe would be zone 2, etc.

The theory states that you can access a muscle, valve, etc. that lies within a zone through a point on the feet or hands. So, when you work between toes 2 and 3, you can find the eye point. These passageways between pressure points and other regions are thought to be linked via the nervous system.

A better supply of oxygen

Our body cells transport the oxygen we breathe to get energy from the food we eat. However, wearing tight shoes can constrict the circulation of oxygen in our feet.

This also affects the rest of the body since when specific muscles of the feet are tired, the whole leg gets tired and eventually the body. The best foot massage in Makati guarantees that there are proper circulation and revitalization of the cell and the whole body.

Research on the best benefits of foot massage

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Research by Oshvandi Kh. et al., on "The effect of foot massage on quality of sleep in ischemic heart disease patients hospitalized in CCU" investigated how poor sleep quality can be harmful to ischemic heart disease patients.

Based on the results, massage can be recommended to improve sleep quality of heart patients. Like other alternative treatments, despite its low cost, almost in all the cases do not have any severe complications and pharmacological interventions. Additionally, its performance is simple, and it is accepted by the patients.

Additionally, "The Effects of Massage Therapy on Multiple Sclerosis Patients' Quality of Life and Leg Function" by Schroeder et al. studied how massage therapy improves the leg function and overall quality of life of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) patients. In extreme cases, patients suffer from fatigue that can render them immobile. In conclusion, the study found that massage therapy caused no harm to MS patients, and a limited amount of improvement in their overall health was observed.

Moreover, recent studies on acupressure as an alternative medicine technique has become promising. For instance, a 2010 research had 25 participants who had trouble sleeping. After 5 weeks of acupressure treatment, their sleep quality improved, which lasted up to 2 weeks after the treatment.

A 2011 study involving 7 postmenopausal women with insomnia had similar results. Based on the results, therapeutic massage helps improve sleep quality in postmenopausal women, as well as for alleviating symptoms of depression and anxiety.

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A haven for the sleepless.

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