In every spa, there are lots of services that can accompany your needs and demands. These services are specially made for you to have the best spa experience ever. With that, certain spas have delved with different body massages to outdo their competitors. Whenever you need to unwind, you could choose any part of your body to be massaged by the professionals. It can be your head, foot, neck, shoulders, and so on. 


Whenever you’re planning to have a massage, the Breeze Oriental Spa & Massage in BGC is an excellent option for you. They offer foot massages, body massages, and so on for you to choose from. This spa is the best oriental spa in BGC and is one of the best spas in East Asia. Apart from that, it has good reviews from its customers ever since it was founded. With that, you can conclude that it has excellent services and products all for you. As a spa, they cater to both men and women for them to have a complete day spa experience. 


Foot Massages

If you do not prefer a whole-body massage, you can always choose to have a foot massage only. The Breeze Oriental Spa & Massage has three different foot massages for you to try on. They have their “Oriental Foot Massage,” “Breeze Signature Foot Massage,” and the “Pampering Foot Massage.” These three types are all relaxing and soothing; whatever your choice is. 


1. Oriental Foot Massage

Time of service: 60 mins.

Regular Therapist - ₱ 1,180

Chinese Master - ₱ 1,480

This Oriental Foot Massage is a traditional healing art by targeting the reflex points on the sole. Apart from that, it soaks your feet in water containing Chinese medicine for better results. This service is done for an hour. With that, you can sit comfortably for the next 60 minutes of your life without having to worry about anything. 


2. Breeze Signature Foot Massage

Time of service:  90 mins.

Regular Therapist - ₱ 1,650

Chinese Master - ₱ 2,050

The Breeze Oriental Foot Massage is a full foot with head and shoulder massage to undo all of your stress-fueled knots. Apart from that, it also improves your body organs and metabolism for a better life. Lastly, it clears meridians and eliminates fatigue for you to have a good night’s sleep. This massage lasts for 90 minutes and will make you as relaxed as possible.


3. Pampering Foot Massage

Time of service: 110 mins.

Regular Therapist - ₱ 1,950

Chinese Master - ₱ 2,480

The Pampering Foot Massage is the upgraded version of Breeze’s signature foot massage. As a whole, it is combined with a holistic approach on the head, neck, and shoulder massage. If you are planning to go all-in, choose this massage and be relaxed for 110 minutes. This foot massage is a whole new package for you to try on.


Where Does the Foot Massages Happen?

Unlike any other spa, the Breeze Oriental Spa & Massage has appropriate rooms for each service. Whether it is a foot or body massage, this spa has several rooms for you to appreciate and enjoy. They mainly take care of their customers by giving them the right ambiance and equipment every single day. Their offered foot massages are done in two separate rooms.


The Breeze Oriental Spa has its “Common Foot Massage Area,” and their “Private Rooms” for their customers. Have you ever wondered why there are two different rooms? The answer is because the customers can choose whether to have a regular service or the master service per se. 

The common area is just located in the lobby, whereas the private rooms are placed further inside the building. 


Foot Massage Areas

Common Area


Private Room


If you have any questions about their foot massage services, please do visit their website at Breeze Oriental Spa & Massage. Also, you could visit them directly at Ore Central, 9th Avenue cor. 31st St. Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Philippines. Furthermore, you could contact them at (+63) 917-867-6699, or email them directly at [email protected] if you have any clarifications. Their staff is friendly, so do not hesitate to ask them whatever it is that you want to know. Apart from that, they will always prioritize your concerns for you to enjoy your stay without causing you trouble.


All in all, there are three different types of foot massages at Breeze Oriental Spa & Massage. These three are all relaxing and beneficial for your body. At times, massaging your feet can be the best way to feel good and relaxed after a long day. If you do not like a whole-body massage, you can start with your feet and see the benefits for yourself. There is nothing wrong with treating yourself in any way possible. With the stress brought by your everyday responsibilities, having a “me-time” is really helpful and necessary.   


Although there are lots of spas in the Philippines, the Breeze Oriental Spa is an excellent choice for you to consider. It has excellent and legit reviews from its customers ever since they were founded. They have nothing but positive feedback from the public because of their great products and services. In fact, this spa is a haven of tranquility for both men and women. It offers a complete day spa experience that is unique of its kind. Lastly, they promote healthy living and lifestyle to their customers. They always aim to help their clients when it comes to stress and pain management. In today’s time, people can remove pain without the need for prescription medication. At times, a massage can already save the day. So, what are you waiting for? The Breeze Oriental Spa & Massage guarantees you to experience the utmost relaxation you’ve been longing.