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The majority of us are not very lucky enough to be able to spend their every day the way they want it to. Most of us probably even go through a really unfavorable routine every single working day which is composed of waking up a few hours before shift to prepare for work, a commute to make it on time (not to mention the amount of traffic and pollution each of us may encounter), numerous stressful hours at work, then back to the commute part again going home (you can consider yourself lucky if you have a car and would not have to wait in line to be able to ride on one) just to get home to take a rest then do the same thing all over again the next day.


This kind of routine can wear us all out and cause unhealthy effects on our body and mind. That is why it is important that we have a break every once in a while, to relax and be able to continue keeping up with the cycle. Go to a salon or a spa at least once a month. Eat all you want on a specific day. Buy that dress or a pair of shoes. Rewarding yourself, however, does not necessarily mean having to go when you have the chance nor spending a lot. Sometimes, nice warm water where you can soak your feet into for a few minutes is more than enough to help us relax.


What Can a Feet Soak Do for You?


In the principle of Reflexology, our feet are believed to be connected to our vital organs and other major parts of the body. Soaking our feet is deemed to be one of the many ways of using the healing power of water to bring us relaxation and draw the toxins out of our body through the sweat glands in the feet. A few minutes of soaking our feet is able to soothe our muscles, hydrate and exfoliate our skin, and relieve pains caused by standing for a long time or when using uncomfortable footwear. Aside from those, letting our feet sit in their own bath can also help lessen swelling and prevent bacteria from submerging into cuts, blisters, and under our toenails, if there are any.


What Are the Other Benefits of a Feet Soak?


  1. It can improve our blood circulation. It is quite easy to have bad blood circulation in our feet. By soaking our feet in warm water, we can raise the temperature of our feet which would then stimulate the circulation of our blood in this area.
  2. It can promote metabolism. Once our blood circulation has been improved, the next most immediate effect of a foot soak is the regulation of our body’s endocrine properties. If our endocrine is managed correctly, it can improve the secretion of a lot of endocrine hormones which is of great help when it comes to increasing our metabolism.
  3. It can alleviate the feeling of tiredness. One of the most common reasons for soaking our feet is to ease our pains and eliminate fatigue. This is a direct effect of a foot soak, together with immediate relaxation.


How and When to Perform Foot Soak at Home


You can soak your feet any time of the day, though ideally, it is best to have it either in the morning or at night before bedtime. Soaking the feet in the morning can activate the blood, restore physical strength, and refresh our mind. How: immerse the feet into warm water with just the right temperature (not too cold nor too hot) for about 5 minutes while gently massaging it for a minute or two. You may add hot water 3-5 times to maintain the water temperature.


A foot soak in the evening, on the other hand, can play the role of toning the kidney, offset fatigue, and promote a better sleeping experience. How: The water you would soak your feet into must be warm enough to make you perspire slightly for about 20 minutes.


Do-It-Yourself Essential Soaks That You Can Try Inside the House


Feet soaks are very easy to make that in fact, if your aim is just simple relaxation and detoxification at home, you can just simply soak your feet in a basin of warm water and you are good to go. However, if you are looking for something more that can enhance your foot soaking experience, some additional ingredients can be added as follows:


  • Lemon juice: for refreshment
  • Ginger or Rosemary infusion: to warm the body up when needed
  • Tea Tree oil and Cedarwood oil: a great antiseptic and anti-fungal, which makes it a good choice if you are suffering from Athlete’s Foot and the likes.
  • Cypress oil: an antiseptic and natural deodorant. Great for blisters and foot odor.
  • Juniper berry oil: best for muscle aches including those caused by arthritis.
  • Lavender oil: for relaxation. It is also a natural pain reliever and is most suitable for sore muscles and joints.
  • Wintergreen oil: considered nature’s aspirin. A good way to relieve pain and swelling and provides a cooling sensation.


You can also consider adding a teaspoon of whole milk or vegetable oil to better incorporate some essential oils into the water.

There are so many types of foot soaks to choose from and most of them are not very hard to make. Experimenting on what works best for you is always advisable. Further research and asking questions to the experts will also definitely help in finding out what types of ingredients and methods would fit your needs best. It is a very simple yet helpful method that you can try to help you relax and improve your health condition without having to go out of the house or spend hundreds of bucks.