I have noticed that people frequently confuse the words spa and massage as the same thing. Well, it is easily understandable as these two are truly closely associated with each other. To make it less difficult to identify one from another, let me attempt to provide a few definitions and simple explanations as to what these words really are.

As a start, a spa offers massage as one of their services but not exclusively as their only service. A massage can be performed in a spa but can be done in some other locations too. One is not restricted to another. To further elaborate, here’s a few information about the two:

What Is a Massage?

Massage (in general), as defined by, is the rubbing and pressing of someone’s body with constantly repeated movements in order to relax or to reduce stiffness or pain in the joints or in their muscles. There are many kinds of massages to choose from depending on your body’s needs.

Common Types of Massage

  • Therapeutic Massage. It is the practice of manipulating the muscles and limbs to ease tension and reduce pain. Massage therapy, from the words itself, can be a part of physical treatment or practiced on its own. It is effective in reducing the manifestations of disorders of or pain in the muscles and nervous system, and it is often used to reduce stress.
  • Swedish Massage. It is a gentle type of full-body massage that’s ideal for people, who does not have much experience with massage, has a lot of tension, and is delicate to touch. It can help free muscle knots and is also a great choice if you want to completely relax during a massage.
  • Aromatherapy Massage. This is best for people who needs emotional healing element to their massage. Aromatherapy can help boost mood, reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, relieve muscle tension, and relieve pain. It combines soft, gentle pressure with the use of essential oils.
  • Thai Massage. This one is best for people who want a more active form of massage and want to reduce and relieve pain and stress. It can also help improve flexibility, circulation, and energy levels.


Definition of Spa

Spa, on the other hand, is a place where people are able to stay to improve their appearance or health by eating well and exercising and sometimes also by drinking or soaking in water with natural materials in it. Other services that spa offer is steam baths, massage, buffets, and many more. The ambiance of a spa is furnished for relaxation. Once you set foot into a spa, the pleasant aesthetic combines with the calming music, and soothing aromas to improve your mood straightaway.

The Most Common Types of Spa

  • Day Spa. A day spa does not offer accommodation and visitors can go for an hour or until the establishment closes as they wish. Customers can choose single treatments or services like a massage, facial, manicure/pedicure, and many more.
  • Stay Spa. This category refers to a spa that allows accommodation. The services are almost the same as what day spas offer. Normally, regular day packages are also suggested for those who would like to escape for just a day, as well as the multi-night or overnight packages.
  • Destination Spa. This Spa is all about health and wellness. Guests will find healthy cuisine and professional treatments. Location plays a significant role in destination spas, as it is their best asset compared to other types of spa. They usually provide stunning views, refreshing sea breezes and rejuvenating treatments.
  • Resort or Hotel Spa. Both Hotels and Resorts generally have a wide variety of facilities and a Spa leisure center with treatment rooms, a sauna, and steam room, Jacuzzi and swimming pool, and many more. Treatments offered to cover the basics like massage, facials, beauty, and body, however, specialized treatments may not be available. This type of spa is best for families due to the variety of facilities offered and is probably not the best choice if you want to focus on health and wellness since it is not the focus of hotel spas.

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Keep in mind that massage is something that is being performed to someone for different purposes such as to provide relaxation and to help in de-stressing, or even for therapeutic objectives, while a spa is a place – a concrete location – where a massage is almost always performed.

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