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relaxing massage in makati
Your body knows you the best, especially when it tells you that you need a massage in Makati. What’s even better is that sometimes, it can even tell you what type of massage you need and where to get it from. In case you want to explore more, let this blog be your guide.


We’re here to inform you about the range of styles and benefits you can get from a massage and check what’s the best for you.


Swedish Massage

This relaxation-focused massage is one of the most common, if not, well-known type of massage. In fact, when you ask people for a recommendation, this is one of the favorites!


Therapists in Makati use a sequence of long, gliding strokes, kneads, and circular motions so they can relax the tension in your muscles. Aromatherapy also adds an enhanced relaxation with its calming scents!


Benefits: Relaxes the muscles and boosts circulation throughout the body.

Try it if: it’s your first time for a professional massage in Makati or if you want to relieve light to moderate tension in your back and shoulders.


Deep-Tissue Massage

As its name suggests, deep-tissue massage helps you to relieve tension in the deeper layers of your muscle tissue and fascia. This massage uses more intense kneading techniques compared to Swedish.


Benefits: Releases chronic tension and helps improve range of motion.

Try it if: you suffer from chronic aches and pains or if you’re looking for more pressure compared to the classic Swedish massage.


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Hot Stone Massage

Instead of relying solely on the hands to work out stubborn knots, the massage therapist in Makati places heated basalt stones on your back to help melt tight areas.


Benefits: Helps in relieving tense areas and the heat from the stones can help improve blood flow.

Try it if: you suffer from hard-to-loosen trouble spots and are looking for therapeutic heat.


Shiatsu Massage

A Japanese style of massage rooted in Chinese medicine, shiatsu massage eliminates blockages that prevent the body’s energy force, or Qi, from flowing freely. Therapists use various techniques, often using their elbows, knees, feet, to work out tension from the back, joints, and limbs.


Benefits: An excellent stress reliever, promotes good circulation and the production of oxytocin.

Try it if: you need a great de-stress and relaxation. Or if you want to experience Eastern types of massage.



Reflexology is a specialized form of foot massage that stimulates precise points on the feet which are linked to other organs and bodily systems.


Benefits: Helps correct imbalances throughout the body and relieves tension from wearing high heels or being on your feet all day.

Try it if: you’re interested in traditional massage that reveals other health issues or if you need to relax your feet.


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Thai Massage

This massage is also referred to as “yoga massage,” wherein the therapist performs a series of intense stretches.


Benefits: Improves flexibility, greater range of motion, and temporary relief from pain.

Try it if: you want to achieve deeper stretches and are comfortable wearing clothes during the massage session.


Foot Massage

Just what it sounds like: a relaxing massage for the feet.


Benefits: Unlike reflexology, this massage targets other regions of the body, wherein a traditional foot massage simply just aims to provide relaxation to over-worked feet.

Try it if: you have a job that requires you to stay on your feet all day.


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