In today’s time, people love to destress by going into a spa to have a massage. With that, numerous spa salons all over the Philippines are booming to give calmness and relief to anyone. Have you gone into a spa? If not, you should at least try even for once in your life.

If you are currently looking or will look for a spa, then feel free to check out Breeze Oriental Spa & Massage. This spa has good reviews in trip advisor, yelp, and daipling.com for you try on. Aside from its good reviews, they also have the best therapists to give you the best massage experience. If you want to know more about them, please keep reading.


What is Breeze Oriental Spa & Massage?

Breeze Oriental Spa & Massage is a spa massage place located in Bonifacio Global City. It renders the authentic Chinese traditional massage that provides the best massage techniques in the industry. Unlike the others, this spa employs the traditional Chinese methods to its clients every single day.

As a haven of tranquility, their conceptualized-store design is built with luxurious and lasting materials that incorporate luxury and calmness. In terms of services, they only use the best products for their customers. In fact, their therapists only use imported milk lotions, essential oils, scents, teas, and so on. As a whole, the store’s ambiance and massage techniques are all present to give you the best spa experience.


What Is the Mission and Vision of Breeze Oriental Spa & Massage?


According to Breeze, their mission is to create a premium spa experience through their excellent massage skills and relaxing ambiance that incorporates daily lifestyle.


Ever since they were founded, their vision is to be the leading provider of authentic oriental massage services in the country. Their primary goal is to create a platform for training and development standards for the Spa industry.


Breeze Oriental Spa & Massage’s Existing Store

If you want to visit this spa in BGC, here is the exact location for you to follow. The Breeze Oriental Spa is located at Ore Central, 9th Avenue cor. 31st St. Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Philippines.


Breeze Spa’s Location in Bonifacio Global City


What Can I Expect Inside the Breeze Oriental Spa & Massage?

The Breeze Oriental Spa & Massage has lots of rooms inside for each customer. First, they have a reception area to welcome all of their guests at any moment. As soon as you have entered the spa, the staff will immediately accommodate you and will give you something to drink. Their drink is precisely well thought out, which is the “ginger tea.” As a beverage, ginger tea has numerous benefits to people who drink it. According to studies, ginger tea is known for relieving nausea and stress. With that, you can be perfectly relaxed throughout the massage.


Breeze Oriental Spa & Massage’s Foot Massage Areas

The Breeze Oriental Spa & Massage has two different foot massage areas. They have a common area and private rooms for their customers.

Common Area


Private Room


Breeze Oriental Spa & Massage’s Rooms

Apart from the reception area, this spa has private rooms for different services. They can assure you that the places you are assigned to are ideally suited for the massage you are going to choose. Also, their environment additionally adds to the calmness of each customer.

Breeze Oriental Spa & Massage Media Launch (30)
Breeze Oriental Spa & Massage Media Launch (34)

Breeze Oriental Spa & Massage’s Amenities

Aside from the rooms and waiting area, the Breeze Oriental Spa & Massage also has a washroom and shower area for its customers. In fact, you could come as early as possible for you to experience these privileges. Feel free to enjoy every bit of their offered services to have the ultimate spa massage experience. At times, you need to go all out to feel relaxed as much as possible.

What Are the Offered Massage Services of Breeze Oriental Spa & Massage?

When it comes to their services, this spa has numerous options for you to choose from. They have different massages for your whole body, starting from top to bottom. They have various foot massages, neck and shoulder massages, body massages, aromatherapy massages, Ventosa, and back scrapping all for you.

Foot Massage

Oriental Foot Massage- 60 mins

Breeze Signature Foot Massage- 90 mins

Pampering Foot Massage- 110 mins


Neck & Shoulder Massage

Soothing Neck & Shoulder Massage- 30 mins


Body Massage

Pressure Points Massage- 60 mins

Shiatsu Massage- 90 mins

Thai Massage- 120 mins


Aromatherapy Massage

Revitalize Oil Massage- 60 mins

Wellness Oil Massage- 90 mins

Detoxify Oil Massage- 120 mins



Breeze Oriental Spa & Massage’s Rankings on Trip Advisor, Yelp, and Dainping.com

Trip Advisor

When it comes to Trip Advisor, the Breeze Oriental Spa & Massage ranks #2 out of 184 as the “best spa wellness in Metro Manila.” Apart from that, they are also recognized as the “best spa wellness in Taguig City.”



When it comes to Yelp, the Breeze Oriental Spa & Massage ranks #3 out of 388 for being the “best spa in Metro Manila.”




When it comes to Dainping.com, the Breeze Oriental Spa & Massage ranks #1 out of 250 as the “Best Spa in Metro Manila.”


With the given information above, the Breeze Oriental Spa & Massage is a reliable spa massage place for you to consider. It is safe and dependable for every customer of every nationality. At times, customers prefer spas that are affordable and friendly. Luckily, this spa offers both. Whenever you are planning on getting a massage, do not hesitate to visit this store in BGC, Philippines. If you have any questions or clarifications, please do not hesitate to contact them or visit their store personally. Having a massage for once in a while is an excellent way to eliminate stress and fatigue. We are just humans who need a break. Do not remove your right to have fun as much as possible. Go out and have the time of your life.