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Distancing yourself from stressors is critical to maintaining your physical and mental well-being. Taking a break is essential every so often, and there are many ways to spend your time wisely to remain healthy in mind and body. One great example is going to Breeze Oriental Spa & Massage and getting a shiatsu massage in the Philippines.

If you are curious about this specific treatment, reading this article can help. We have compiled all the important information you should know about it, starting from what it is exactly down to where you should go if you want to try it.

Shiatsu Japanese Massage, Explained

Shiatsu massage originated in Japan but is heavily influenced by traditional Chinese medicine. It uses the concept of “qi,” which refers to the vital life force in the body. According to this practice, a person is healthy if their qi remains unobstructed. Furthermore, some health issues may arise if the qi is blocked, so people get a shiatsu massage to avoid this.

Like any other form of bodywork, shiatsu massage uses different techniques, such as kneading, pressing, and pressing. They are done to unblock the qi and bring about several health benefits, like getting rid of headaches and joint pain, resolving digestive issues, and improving blood circulation. It is also known to be helpful for people with mental health issues, so it is recommended for people with anxiety, insomnia, and high stress levels.

What makes shiatsu massage different, however, is that the therapist barely makes any rubbing movements on the body. Instead, they will use their weight to do pressing and kneading motions. Because of this, there is no need to use oils or any other lubricant to reduce friction on the skin; the patient will also be allowed to wear light and comfortable clothing during the process.

Benefits of Getting Shiatsu Massage Therapy in the Philippines

More and more people are trying to get a shiatsu massage in the Philippines. This is for a good reason because the treatment offers quite a lot of benefits, which include:

Improving Posture

If you are sitting for hours on end at work, there is a high chance that you will experience backache, muscle pain, hip problems, and other issues that arise from poor posture. You can use a shiatsu back massager to help with the problem, but it is still much better to visit a therapist instead.

A real Shiatsu massage is great to help improve your posture because it loosens up the muscles and joints. This makes it more comfortable for you to sit (or stand) in a position that does not result in posture problems.

Treating Joint Problems

It is not just the older generation who experience joint and muscle pain. Today, there are many young adults who also suffer from the same problems. No matter how old you are, getting a shiatsu massage is a great way to relieve yourself of joint problems and reduce your pain.

Relieving Anxiety and Depression

A shiatsu massage induces relaxation. During the session, you are encouraged to temporarily forget your fears and worries. Additionally, the treatment improves blood flow in the body, which results in the creation of hormones that boost the patient’s mood.

Aiding Digestive Process

People with digestive problems can also get a shiatsu massage to help improve their digestion. The therapist can focus the treatment on the patient’s abdominal area and stimulate the organs that control the digestive process.

Healing Injuries From Sports

It is common for athletes and sports enthusiasts to get injured while playing. Whenever this happens, it is necessary to have the wound treated right away to prevent infection and other kinds of complications. In some cases, getting a shiatsu massage will also greatly help. During the treatment, the therapist can gently rub and put pressure near the affected area to promote fast and proper healing of the soft tissues.

Who Should Try a Shiatsu Body Massage in the Philippines?

Almost any adult can benefit from getting a shiatsu massage, especially if you have recently received an injury that caused muscle or joint paints. For instance, a sprain in the ankle is pretty common among everyone, particularly those who engage in sports and other active lifestyles. This seemingly minor injury can lead to major problems if not treated immediately. You might think using a shiatsu foot massager is enough, but visiting the spa and getting your treatment from an expert would still be better.

While it is true that shiatsu massage treatments are generally safe for almost everyone, there are still some contraindications. If you are pregnant, for example, it might be best to delay the treatment until you have given birth and recovered. Doing it while you are in the late stages of pregnancy might prevent you from lying comfortably on your back, so the massage might be less effective.

A shiatsu massage might not be a good idea, as well, for people who have a high fever or acute illnesses. It is better to just rest normally at home than risk spreading your disease to the therapist and their future patients.

Lastly, open wounds, fresh scars, rashes, and other abnormalities on the surface of the skin are typically avoided during the treatment. If you have such conditions, you can still get a shiatsu massage, but be sure to tell your therapist, so they will not target those areas. Remember that shiatsu massage services are done with the patient clothed, so some issues with the skin might not be visible to the therapist.

Should You Use a Shiatsu Foot Massager?

One of the latest health trends today is using massage devices, which are marketed to relieve pain in different body parts that typically suffer from muscle and joint pains. Among the most popular products are shiatsu foot massagers, which are said to help users experience a foot massage treatment anywhere they want.

These portable massage devices offer many benefits because they are compact, lightweight, and easy to use. However, solely relying on them to treat body pain is not advisable. If you want to experience unparalleled service and holistic body treatment, it is still better to spare yourself an hour or so and visit your trusted shiatsu massage parlor.

The problem with portable foot massagers, first and foremost, is their price. Many of the better ones come with a high price tag, so they are not accessible to people on a tight budget. A cheaper option, however, might not be as effective or durable, so you might experience some issues while using it. There is a small risk of experiencing an electric shock, as well.

Another major concern is that these devices cannot provide targeted treatments, unlike real therapists. If you go to a shiatsu massage clinic, you can ask the therapist to put extra pressure on a specific area to reduce pain and inflammation. You can also ask them about your health; they will gladly answer if they know about it. Such privileges are not available to you if you opt to use electric foot massagers at home.

Find the Best Shiatsu Massage Clinic Near You

There are many shiatsu massage practitioners in the Philippines whom you can go to if you want to reap the benefits of this particular treatment. If you live in Metro Manila, you can visit us at Breeze Oriental Spa & Massage because we have clinics in city centers that are easily accessible.

Our Makati and BGC branches are open daily. Book an appointment by giving us a call or sending us a message through our phone numbers. You can also schedule a session by filling out the appointment form on our website.


A shiatsu massage is perfect if you feel overworked, overstressed, and overfatigued. After the first session, you can expect to be refreshed and rejuvenated because of the positive health effects of the treatment.

If you have the time, drop by your preferred shiatsu massage clinic. Getting serviced by a real therapist is much better than just using the massage device you can buy from an electronics shop. The people who will provide you with the treatment have vast knowledge and years of experience, so you can expect them to be highly professional and skilled.

Visit us at Breeze Oriental Spa & Massage today and experience the best shiatsu massage session in the Philippines. Our doors are open for everyone who wants to people who want to relax and unwind, even just for a few moments. We have skilled therapists and Chinese masters who can provide you with the services, so you can expect the highest quality of treatment that you definitely deserve.

Schedule an appointment with us today!

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