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Cupping therapy is becoming prominent in the Philippines because of its numerous health benefits for the body. In fact, it is sought-after in BGC compared to the rest of body massages in every salon. If you want to know why, this post will enable you to understand its popularity and importance as much as possible.


Gone are the days when people take the traditional body massages as they were only offered a limited number of choices. Today, massages like cupping therapy are considered by people who want to relax for a while. As a result, it is becoming an option whenever someone wants to have a good time.


Have you ever wondered if cupping massages are worth the shot? Worry no more because we got you!  Here are the top reasons why cupping therapy is sought-after in BGC. Knowing these reasons will enable you to consider having this massage at any moment.


Get ready to know more by reading the following information!

  • BGC is a place where luxurious lifestyle is found everywhere. With that, its spas offer numerous products and services like no one else. In fact, almost every spa in the area provides its customers with massages in the best way possible.


Today, every spa in BGC has its own techniques that will capture the attention of each customer. A proof of this is the cupping therapy massage. Although it is not that well-known, having one will help the person concerning pain, inflammation, blood flow, and relaxation.


  • Did you know that cupping therapy is known to remove harmful substances and toxins from the body to promote healing? With that, people try to find a spa that offers one for their convenience. Luckily, BGC offers this type of massage for its customers. In that way, people always seek to visit within the area.
  • At times, people want to try something new because they want to experience something unique than usual. Especially when it comes to Filipinos, they would want a massage like cupping therapy because it is new to their hearing. With that, cupping therapy is sough-after in BGC because of this thinking.


As much as possible, you should be able to try every option to find the ideal one for you. When you know what you want, you will get to enjoy your chosen massage even better.


These reasons simply inform you why cupping therapy is sought-after in BGC. Although it is not a requirement for you to have one, you should at least experience it like the rest. In fact, this type of massage should be appreciated by Filipinos because it’s relaxing and good for the body as well.


If you are interested, you should at least try the Ventosa (Cupping Therapy) of Breeze Oriental Spa & Massage. To know why, here are some details for you to be persuaded.


Why Should You Try the Ventosa (Cupping Therapy) of Breeze Oriental Spa & Massage? 

The cupping therapy of Breeze Oriental Spa & Massage is done for 5-10 mins. This cupping therapy uses heat and alternative pressure to create suction on the skin.


In fact, this is an excellent treatment for blood stasis and clearing of the meridians. Apart from that, it dispels the cold dampness of the body, which is beneficial to relieve one’s fatigue and enhance a person’s physical fitness.


Whenever you are interested, do not hesitate to reach out to us. Breeze Oriental Spa & Massage is prominent in BGC as it is one of the best spas in the area. With that, you can be assured of the best experience when it comes to various massages, including cupping therapy.


If you have any time to spare, you could visit the spa in person to give it a shot. Also, you could book for a reservation online, which is faster and hassle-free.


We look forward to your visit!