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Spas in the Philippines feature a wide variety of massages for each customer. They offer excellent choices for neck, shoulders, foot, and more. With that, they offer Ventosa massages in BGC for a change. It may seem that a lot of you aren’t familiar with what it is, so here are some details to keep you posted. 


First things first: What is Ventosa?  


Ventosa is also known as the “cupping therapy” here in the Philippines. As a massage, it can treat the following issues for you to have a good day and feel rested as possible. 


• Stiff neck

• Upper and lower back pain

• Myofascial pain (chronic pain disorder)

• Muscle aches, tightness, and strains 

• Malaise (feeling of overall weakness or disorder)

• Fever and chills 

• Cold exposure 

• Skin conditions 

• Frozen shoulder or any stiffness 

• Anxiety 

• Fatigue 

• Rheumatism 

• High blood pressure 


If a number of these conditions describe you, immediately book a reservation and have a Ventosa massage as possible. Having some time in the spa can alleviate your pain right away. 


Since then, Ventosa massages are done by trained therapists as it can cause more body pain if it isn’t done the right way. One wrong move, and your condition might get a little worse. You wouldn’t want that, right? Of course, you don’t! 


According to studies, Ventosa is a form of deep tissue massage that can reduce discomforts, including neck pain and back pain. If you are in distress in any way, try considering this massage at once. 


It only takes a second to book an appointment. Act now and feel delighted afterward. 


As stated by Sean Patrick Flanery, do something today that your future self will thank you for. In that case, take care of your well-being as early as today. Loosen up, refresh, recharge. 


As a whole, Ventosa or cupping therapy has a lot of benefits for anyone. Apart from that, it isn’t just a simple massage, as it is worth trying. Life isn’t perfect, but Ventosa can make it a reality!  


If you are interested, you could check out our website for more information. We offer Ventosa for our clients at BGC. 



How is Ventosa Massage Different from Other Spa Techniques in BGC?


Ventosa is a one of a kind massage as it uses heat and alternative pressure to create suction on the skin. Instead of just rubbing the whole body, this massage is an excellent treatment for blood stasis and clearing of the meridians. 


It can also dispel the cold dampness of the body, which relieves one’s fatigue and will enhance one’s physical fitness.


Compared to others, the use of cups for therapeutic purposes is actually the main uniqueness of Ventosa. Though it is not that well-known, its benefits are proven to be useful and worth the try.


So, what are you waiting for? If you’re in the mood to try one, do not hesitate to contact us for more information. We can definitely help you feel good and satisfied. 


We look forward to your request!