People go to spas for a variety of reasons. Some may be feeling tired after a busy week at work, while others might just want to spend some time alone and get away from the hectic world. Whatever the reason, many are drawn towards spas because these establishments offer both relaxation and rejuvenation.

Spas are a type of health and beauty establishment that offer a variety of treatments. The most common ones provided by these businesses are massages, facials, mud wraps, and other types of body treatments. Nowadays, you can even find spas that offer more luxurious treatments, such as laser hair removal.

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What To Expect During a Spa Massage Session in Makati

Here are a few things you have to know before visiting Breeze Oriental Spa & Massage in Makati, Metro Manila:

Tools and Techniques Used

A massage is a spa service designed to relax the client and improve their overall health. Expect that your masseuse will use essential oils, hot stones, and other tools depending on the type of massage you requested. Some of the most common techniques include:
  • Pressure Points Massage – This type of massage therapy focuses on the body’s pressure points, which are spots found all over the body and are often located near muscles, joints, and other sensitive areas. Professionals typically perform pressure point massages using their thumbs, palms, or elbows to apply deep pressure to these places.
  • Shiatsu Massage – This alternative technique that utilizes manual pressure originated from Asia. Shiatsu is a Japanese word that means “finger pressure.” It is an ancient form of treatment that has been used for centuries. Furthermore, it is based on traditional Chinese medicine principles, using finger pressure techniques to improve circulation and unblock energy pathways in the body.
  • Thai Massage – Despite its name, this is a traditional type of massage that actually originated in India. It is part of Ayurveda, a form of alternative medicine. Thai massages are known for their pressure points, stretching, and deep tissue work. The goal during each session is to improve the flow of energy in the body to help release muscle tension.

Length of Each Session

Those who book spa massage sessions are often people looking to get rid of their muscle tension and stress. Since they understand this, therapists will focus on their clients’ needs and wants to provide the best experience possible. If these professionals determine that a specific individual requires more time on the massage table, they may extend the session to ensure that their patron’s muscle stiffness is significantly lessened.

Although the length of each session would ultimately depend on your body’s state, its duration typically lasts for an hour or more. It can even last up to two hours if you want to try all of the different techniques offered during a session or if you requested other add-ons to your massage.

Pre-Massage Reminders

In order to get the most out of your next spa massage session, we recommend following tips:

  • Stay Hydrated – It is crucial that you drink enough water before getting a massage. Doing so will help you stay relaxed and comfortable during your session. Additionally, it helps prevent dehydration and dizziness during massage sessions that require high temperatures.
  • Avoid Drinking Alcohol – Consuming alcoholic drinks can make you more dehydrated, which can leading to muscle spasms. Furthermore, it can even leave you feeling more tense than when you started, which means the treatment wouldn’t have done much in terms of helping with relaxation at all!
  • Prepare Yourself to Communicate – Getting across what you want or any discomforts you’re experiencing is important in any massage session. The therapist needs to know how you’re doing to provide a better service. If you are unsure about something, you can also ask the for clarification. Rest assured that our staff members want to ensure that you get the best experience possible.

Who You Should Go to Your Massage Spa Sessions With

There are many spas in Makati that offer different types of massages. However, what matters is that you find the right one for you. The best way to figure out which establishment you should go to is to research what type of massage they offer and what kind of experience they can provide.

One should also ask about their pricing in addition to the experience level of their therapists. Apart from that, it’s best to check out the online reviews left by previous clients. This way, you can see photos of their facilities and get a glimpse of their customer service. Now that you’ve done all these, you have to decide who you should bring along with you to your next massage session.

Going Alone

Massage spas are a great way to relax and unwind. They offer various services, including aromatherapy, body scrubs, facials, and massages. However, if you’re looking for the most relaxing experience, you should go to massage spas alone.

There are many benefits of going alone to a spa. You have more choice of what service you want and how long you want it for. In addition, you don’t have to worry about someone else’s preferences or needs getting in the way of your relaxation time.

Taking Your Friends or Family

Although going to the best spas in Makati, Metro Manila has its appeal, some may want to bring a friend or family member. This is especially the case for those who haven’t been to such establishments before.

Massage spas are a great place to go with your loved ones as they are a perfect way to bond and relax after a long week at work. It is also always nice to have someone to share the experience with. For example, you can chat about what you think about the massage or tell each other about your day.

Why People Like Visiting the Best Spas in Makati, Metro Manila

A few reasons people enjoy visiting spas include the following:

Find Inner Peace

Inner peace is a state of being in which you are completely happy with yourself and the world around you. It is where you are content with your existence and do not feel the need to change anything or have something that you don’t already have. Massages can help you relax and slow down your thoughts, helping you focus on your breathing and enter a more meditative state.

Prepare for the Week Ahead

Most people think of massages as just a way to relax, but they can be much more than that. They are also a great way to ease your body from the stresses and strains of the past few days and prepare you for the upcoming week. This is because massage therapy helps release tension from muscles and joints, leading to less headaches and body pains.

Intimate Bonding Experience

A massage is more than just getting your muscles relaxed. It can be an intimate bonding experience between friends. In fact, it’s not just about the physical touch but also about the emotional connection that you make when you share this experience. You can take the time to talk to each other and share your thoughts regarding a range of subjects.


A massage is a form of alternative medicine that can be used to treat many different diseases and health conditions. It is also a great way to relieve stress and improve your mood. Whether you want to go along or with a friend, you can be sure that Breeze Oriental Spa & Massage is one of the best spas in Makati, Metro Manila to visit. Feel free to reach out to us and book a session today!

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