Oriental Foot Massage

60 mins.

A traditional healing art by targeting reflex points on the sole and soaking your feet in water containing Chinese medicine.

Regular Therapist - ₱ 1,350
Chinese Master - ₱ 1,650

Breeze Foot Massage

90 mins.

Full foot with head and shoulder massage to undo all those stress-fuelled knots. Also improve body organs and metabolism, clear meridians and eliminate fatigue for a good night sleep.

Regular Therapist - ₱ 1,850
Chinese Master - ₱ 2,250

Pampering Foot Massage

110 mins.

Upgraded version of Breeze signature foot massage, combined with holistic approach on head, neck and shoulder massage.

Regular Therapist - ₱ 2,200
Chinese Master - ₱ 2,700

Body Massage

Pressure Points Massage

60 mins.

A revitalizing massage that is ideal for de-stressing. Ideal for relieving muscles aches and pains, paired with head massage to relieve fatigue and improve metabolism.

Regular Therapist - ₱ 1,500
Chinese Master - ₱ 1,850

Shiatsu Massage

90 mins.

A unique massage that originates from the principles of Chinese acupuncture but without needles. This massage promotes secretion of endorphins in the body which calm the nerves and relieve stress.

Regular Therapist - ₱ 2,100
Chinese Master - ₱ 2,500

Thai Massage

120 mins.

A massage that focuses primarily on stretching and movement of joints and secondary on acupressure and deep tissue massage.

Regular Therapist - ₱ 2,600
Chinese Master - ₱ 3,100

Aromatherapy Massage

Revitalize Oil Massage

60 mins.

Through the use of our special essential oils and our signature massage techniques, this 60-minute oil massage nourishes the body and mind, clears the meridian, eliminate fatigue and rejuvenates one's strength.

Regular Therapist - ₱ 1,800
Chinese Master - ₱ 2,200

Wellness Oil Massage

90 mins.

A massage tailored to your desired outcome through combination of our nourishing massage oil and the pressure applied with kneading, rolling motions and pressure point massage.

Regular Therapist - ₱ 2,300
Chinese Master - ₱ 2,850

Detoxify Oil Massage

120 mins.

A signature massage designed to restore your body’s 5 elements. This massage encourages self-healing and balance, improves lymphatic system and enhances your overall sense of wellbeing.

Regular Therapist - ₱ 3,400
Chinese Master - ₱ 4,300

Soothing Neck & Shoulder Massage

30 mins.

Relieve stress and tension, reduce severity of headaches caused by heavy work. Also helps improve blood circulation and bladder control.

Regular Therapist - ₱ 900
Chinese Master - ₱ 1,100

Other Services

Cupping Therapy (Ventosa)

15-20 mins.

Cupping therapy uses heat and alternative pressure to create suction on the skin. This is a great treatment for blood stasis, clearing of the meridians and it dispel the cold dampness of the body, therefore relieves one's fatigue and enhances our physical fitness.

₱ 800

Back Scraping (Gua Sha)

15-20 mins.

A natural alternative therapy that involves scraping of the skin with a massage tool like the horn, jade stone etc. to improve your circulation. This is a nice treatment for removing blood stasis and therefore promotes blood circulation.

₱ 800

Relaxing Head & Neck Massage

30 mins.

Invigorate blood and nourish the spirit. Suitable for cervical spine stiffness caused by insufficient blood supply, insomnia and dreams, dizziness and brain swelling, forgetfulness, migraine and other related disease.

Regular Therapist - ₱ 1,200
Chinese Master - ₱ 1,500

Foot Scrub

15-20 mins.

Soothe, hydrate and replenish the fresh feeling of your feet by exfoliation to reduce dry skin and callouses.

₱ 500


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