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There are numerous massage services, each designed to address specific needs and preferences.

采耳 | Ear Cleaning

  • It refers to the practice of cleaning the ears, often using tools or methods to remove earwax or debris from the ear canal

Regular Therapist – ₱ 1,350
Master Therapist – ₱ 1,800

治疗灰指甲 | Toenail Fungal Treatment

  • Comprehensive Toenail Fungal Treatment focuses on restoring the health of affected toenails while actively minimizing the risk of recurrence. This approach encompasses a range of targeted interventions and preventive measures to ensure a thorough and lasting resolution of the fungal infection.

₱ 6,800 / toe

修脚 | Pedicure

  • Treatment for the feet and toenails that cleans your feet, provides nail care.

₱ 1,500

刮痧 | Back Scraping (Gua Sha)

  • A natural alternative therapy that involves scraping of the skin with a massage tool like the horn, jade stone etc. to improve your circulation. This is a nice treatment for removing blood stasis and therefore promotes blood circulation.

₱ 800

拔火罐 | Cupping Therapy (Ventosa)

  • Cupping therapy uses heat and alternative pressure to create suction on the skin. This is a great treatment for blood stasis, clearing of the meridians and it dispel the cold dampness of the body, therefore relieves one’s fatigue and enhances our physical fitness.

₱ 800

足部磨砂去脚皮 | Foot Scrub

  • Soothe, hydrate and replenish the fresh feeling of your feet by exfoliation to reduce dry skin and callouses.

₱ 550

Please note that the prices at the BGC branch are slightly higher due to increased operational expenses.

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