There are many reasons people engage in sports: some do it competitively to earn money, while others play it as a hobby to have fun. In both cases, it’s crucial to keep our bodies in top condition to perform well.

Training is important because it builds up the strength and stamina you need while playing. It also helps gradually stretch out your muscles and bones to avoid injury as you perform your chosen sport. However, it’s also important for athletes to take a break and rest every once in a while. Unwinding and relaxing from time to time can take away the stress from your mind and fatigue from your body.

There are many ways to relax and unwind, but among the most effective for athletes is visiting a spa clinic to get a massage. When you go to your preferred wellness clinic, you will be presented with different options, but it is recommended for people who do sports to get a shiatsu body massage because it can provide you with a wide range of benefits.

Breeze Oriental Spa & Massage is here to help you. We offer shiatsu body massage services in the Philippines, so feel free to book a session with us. You can read this article first if you wish to be more informed about this specific bodywork before visiting our clinic.

Understanding Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu is a type of bodywork that originates from Japan, and the term “shiatsu” means “finger pressure.” This massage takes plenty of inspiration from traditional Chinese medicine and also uses the concept of “qi,” which refers to the energy flow of the body.

During the massage service, the therapist will use a combination of pressing, tapping, kneading, and stretching techniques while targeting specific muscles and bones in the body. By doing so, they are releasing the blockages in the qi path. These blockages are believed to be the cause of muscle aches and bodily ailments that commonly affect athletes who engage in contact sports and other strenuous activities.

You can expect your masseuse or masseur to be gentle while performing the full body massage. This relaxes the body and relieves muscle pain, so you can be at the top of your game again. Sports players may book a shiatsu massage session in the Philippines before an event to condition their bodies. In fact, they can even go back to the clinic after a game to re-energize themselves.

The Benefits of Shiatsu Body Massage for Athletes

If you are an athlete, you will benefit a lot from getting a shiatsu massage every now and then. Here are some improvements in your body that you can expect if you have regular sessions:

Improved Flexibility and Range of Motion

Most sports require you to be flexible. With improved flexibility through shiatsu, you can move your limbs better and effectively boost your performance while playing. This is beneficial if you play basketball, tennis, volleyball, and golf.

Reduced Muscle Soreness and Inflammation

It’s pretty common for athletes to suffer from muscle soreness and inflammation. Whenever they experience these conditions, they feel pain in specific body parts. The discomfort prevents them from moving properly, which severely impacts their training and gameplay.

Shiatsu is known to improve circulation in the body. As a result, blood reaches the muscles faster to deliver necessary oxygen and nutrients and get rid of metabolical wastes. This helps decrease the soreness and inflammation of the muscles.

Faster Recovery Time

Athletes need to be healthy and strong at all times, but even so, they can still be afflicted by certain illnesses. Resting and taking doctor-prescribed medicines can surely help them recover, but it would also help if they get a shiatsu massage.

The therapy will help them relax and reduce their stress and anxiety levels. It will calm their mind, rest their body, and increase their chances of recovering faster.

Shiatsu Body Massage and Athletic Training

There are athletes who invest in back and neck massagers, as well as other tools that are marketed to help reduce muscle pains and relieve body aches. Some people believe that using these devices is a way to save money and time because they no longer have to visit a massage clinic and pay for the services.

However, these devices can also have some negative impacts on the body, and these side effects can be a problem for athletes like you. It’s crucial to keep in mind that your body is unique from other people’s; if you go to a shiatsu massage therapist, you can tell them which parts you want them to target. That won’t be the case if you use automatic massage devices.

Book a Shiatsu Body Massage Session With Us!

Shiatsu massage is pretty complex, so it should only be done by professionals. An untrained person performing it on you might cause you more harm than good. They might not have the proper knowledge to target the right muscles and do the techniques required for the massage. In the end, you might only get injured, which can heavily impact your performance as an athlete.

To prevent such a scenario, you can reach out to us at Breeze Oriental Spa & Massage. Our facilities are open for athletes like you who are looking for a place that offers shiatsu body massage in the Philippines. We have several branches in Metro Manila, so you can visit one that’s convenient for you based on your available time and location.

Walk-in patients are welcome, but it’s advisable to book a session. To do that, simply send us a message through our online channels and wait for our response. You can also call the phone number of your preferred branch if you want to speak directly with our staff members and ask about our full body massage price ranges.


It’s true that shiatsu massage can be extremely beneficial for many athletes, no matter what kind of sports they play. Incorporating it into your training can definitely help you keep your body in its tip-top condition, so you can be stronger and more energetic while participating in the game.

If you wish to reap the benefits of this massage, contact us at Breeze Oriental Spa & Massage. We have therapists who can help you. Schedule a session with us today, and experience the different shiatsu massage can do for your body.