From time to time, certain areas on our body hurt and getting a massage is almost the simplest and most convenient solution to ease the pain. More often than not, we just try to relax and think of nothing during our massage sessions, however, if you pay more attention, you would notice that masseurs look for certain points on our body and apply more pressure to it compared to the other parts and it just feels painful, good, and satisfying at the same time. These areas are vital for masseurs and they are called pressure points.

Okay, so you might be wondering what a pressure point basically is. To explain it further, pressure points are spots located all over our body which can be a nerve cluster, sensitive areas of muscles, tendons, ligaments, blood vessels, and veins that are sensitive to pressure. Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners that are believed to improve our overall energy flow identify these specific points. In general, there are far more than a hundred pressure points in our body and these must be utilized during a massage and therapy sessions.

Upon realizing what a pressure point is, you have probably already realized its importance in a massage. According to the old Chinese treatment, pressure points are important in massage since applying the right amount of stress on these points can correct irregularities and promote the harmony of Yin, Yang, and Chi in the body. This process is called acupressure.

Scientifically, there is an explanation on how acupressure works and helps in relieving pain and tension in our muscles and other parts of the body. It is said that initially when pressure is administered to a pressure point, it pinches nerves, which disturbs the normal operation of our body. Whenever a nerve is pressed against a bone or muscle, it sends a signal of pain to our brain, which then stimulates our body to restore its normal function. That means our body can be healed and can recover from pain if the right pressure has been applied to the right places.

There are a few well-known pressure points in our body, listed below are where they can be found and what applying pressure to these points can do for you:

  1. My aunt has always asked me to “massage” her temples ever since I was young and even before I knew that temples are actually “pressure points”. These points are found in the small flat area between your ear and eye near the edge of the eyebrow. She would ask me to press her temples on both sides (at the same time) while slowly moving my fingers in circles. You can also do this to yourself if you need relief from headaches.
  2. The dokko is a specific point just behind each ear, located where the jaw and skull meet. In most cases, this point is right under the outer edge of the earlobe at the base of the ear. Gentle stimulation of this point is said to be effective to relieve stress.
  3. Kote can be found near the inside of our elbow where the skin creases on a bent arm. If you’re having a hard time locating it, you may find it easier when you press hard and briefly, the exact point that causes pain is where it is. Pressing this point gently and in a circular motion or striking it forcefully to cause pain is said to be able to help reduce anger. So when you feel like you are having a bad day and your head is getting hot, this pressure point is what you should look for.
  4. The webbing of the Hand. There is a pressure point in the fleshy area between the thumb and index finger on each of our hands. These points are so easy to locate that you can even look for it now while reading this. You can try pressing it firmly or pinching it, eventually, you will feel a bit of pain and discomfort but don’t worry, it’s normal. Stimulation of this area can actually help in easing tension, pain in the head and back, and many more.

The pressure points listed above are just a very few of the many that we have all over our body. You can try locating and stimulating them on your own, or with your friends and family.

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